Friday, November 4, 2011

whats going on in my "studio"

if youve been following along you know
life has been crazy here
with a capitol C. R.A.Z.Y.
Ive only gotten one journal page done.
In two weeks.........

I was sitting at a stoplight and saw this.
I laughed out loud.
All of us humans rushing around getting off work,
running errands,
these birds with not a care in the world.
Just chatting it up.......
I was thankful for the reminder.
For a real honest to goodness laugh.

"Look at the birds! Free and unfettered, not tied down to a job description, careless in the care of God....... and you count far more to him that the birds." Matthew 6:26 Message

My poor drafting table has to be dusted if I am to work again.
But I am choosing to be thankful
our spare room is now a buttery yellow
and I have a beautiful young lady living in it.
I painted this for her a few months ago.
I saw a painting similar to it and it made me think of her,
Changed the hair, the dog etc........

My prayer shawl is done! I am blocking it out today.
This was a great pattern for those of you that knit.
More pics of it being blocked out and dry to come........

Had to slip this in..... my two favorite dogs napping together
our vet appointment yesterday.............
Im going to call another local vet clinic
and schedule a second opinion.

Under His wings,


  1. Beautiful shawl! And I love the girl with the dog. What a fun piece to hang on the wall!

  2. You are very, very talented! Such beautiful art, each with its own unique feeling and message. Wow!

  3. I love that journal page with the birds! And your description of it! Made me laugh! I definitely do too much rushing around, good reminder. :)

  4. Beautiful creations, and puppies too, mine used to sleep together ever so rarely but would whip out the camera as soon as they would, always make happy pictures, hugs :)

  5. I love the birds on the wire painting! Yep, not a care in the world and taken care of! Your prayer shawl is beautiful! Wonderful job! Love the sweet picture of the pups cuddled up. Hoping you find a better second opinion!

  6. all're a very talented lady!

  7. What work is so so lovely! The girl on the bike is so fun.

  8. Such a cute shawl, the pattern is amazing! love your work


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