Monday, November 21, 2011


I fell in love with Ecuador several years ago,
I cant believe its been 12 years.
Its like a lifetime.
Lately if you follow Compassion you have seen the faces
Youve read the stories,
If youve been reading here long enough you will remember that its where our youngest daughter spent her first 4.5 years of her life.

Para Sus Ninos - Lil Gs first home
Her mother left her in the hospital after delivering her almost six years ago,
(our Lil G will be turning 6 next week.Thanksgiving day!)
this will be her second birthday as an American-
(we couldnt have done it without A LOT of help!!!!)
She left alot behind when she joined our family last summer
Many friends, roommates, sisters and brothers-in Christ.
Tias that rocked her when she was sick,
they held her and brushed away the tears when she fell down.
They fed her warm nutritious meals
and celebrated Holidays with her-
when we could not.
They taught her about Jesus,
They taught my daughter how to walk, potty trained her
and taught her to pray over her food- no matter how small
it needs to be prayed over in Lil G's book.
But I need to tell you that no matter how much they love the children
its not like having a family.

Several families are working on adoptions right now,
this family specifically is adopting TWO of Lil Gs Orphanage roommates
and they need our help......
If you have a heart for adoption,
if you have a heart for Ecuador,
wont you please consider purchasing a t-shirt
and spreading the word???
only $20........ something for you and something for these two orphans
and when you wear the shirt you will be reminded to pray......
Together we can do something BIG
Something big for D
Something Big for sweet L

This something Big is a home......
a place to "come home to".
I know there was nothing like the feeling of "coming home"
after eight weeks in Ecuador.
While you are spending time with friends and family,
giving thanks,
going home for the holiday,
wont you say a prayer for these little girls,
for this family,
and if you are so inspired,
lend a halping hand.
Ive met these little girls,
Ive cried real hot heart tears.....
that their family would find them.

“Declare his glory among the nations,
his marvelous deeds among all peoples.”
Psalms 96:3


  1. Such a beautiful post. THank you thank you thank you for sharing!! I will show Mom she will love it as well. And pictures I've never seen. So sweet!
    So so thankful.

  2. beautiful

    coming over from Storytellers....

    I have found that being a part of something like this becomes more about what those children and people end up doing for us rather than what we do for them...
    being a part of something like this, especially going there, is life changing

    love and light

  3. I have a lump in my throat, Anna. Happy #6 to Little G!!! So amazing how God knew and was preparing you--her home--for her all along. Praying for all of the other little children to "come home" too. Thanks for linking up! :)

  4. I am writing a post for cyber Monday on gifts that keep on giving. May I include this worthy cause? Great story and pics!


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