Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Internet Crime

Let me tell you......
I am waving the white flag.
Multiple white flags.

Should you decide to post something for sale on
Be forewarned........
Listen up.
It can happen to you.
Someone could contact you wanting to purchase said item
can they pay you with paypal?
"Why of course" you think
That is a safe way to complete a transaction for all involved.
"Ive been using Paypal for at least 10 years"
You can be sent e-mails that LOOK like they are from Paypal
with the logo
with special transaction numbers
They have deposited money and all paypal wants is the UPS tracking number.
It all looks legit.
You mail said item
send the tracking number
and wait for payment to be released into your checking account
which doesnt arrive
what you do get is an e-mail asking for more money to be wired for misc shortages.
You call paypal
only to learn its all a scam.
There is nothing paypal can do because none of the e-mails were actually from them.
They will research it.
I have learned from the Sheriffs officer that it happens.
He actually knew of someone "working out of their home shipping packages"
Got the "work at home job " on Craigslist.
come to find out the unpaid for -stolen- items
were mailed to his address and he turned around and mailed them to another address.
He was just the middle man.
Took him two weeks to figure out something was fishy.
(today we also have heard of people selling items, using paypal, and the recipient claiming that merchandise was never received and seller loosing money- send it receipt signature required in these situations.)

Yesterday at Bible study, one of the ladies wanted to rent a home listed on Craigslist and contacted said person. They wanted X amt for rent, great price, go look at the house and when we come back in town we can show you the inside. They wanted first last and security to hold it. Thankfully they called the realty agency on the sign in the front yard. It was a scam.
People are looking up MLS listings and using those on craigslist to get money.

We Filed an FBI report.
Called homeowners Ins to see if they could possibly help???
Wishing I could purchase a ticket to California to visit this private address and find this person. Who just added insult to injury.
Because now we are "crossing jurisdictions"
and no telling if anything will ever come of this loss.
Something irreplaceable
and valuable
is now gone.
Was up till 5am.
Running it around in my head
praying for God to fix it.
I know in ____ time I will be able to look back on this
see things learned.
I am thankful my family is alive and well.
taking one day at a time.
Looking for God
choosing to see grace......
This day is BEGGING to be a day of thanksgiving!
I hope all of this will be in the back of your mind,
that our loss can prevent something bad happening to you.

Under His wings,

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  1. Thank you for sharing this with us, Anna, and I am so sorry this happened to you! How awful! You are so right; your day is begging for thanksgiving! Sending (((hugs)))to you, friend!


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