Saturday, November 5, 2011


You tube "signing time" on sisters phone

Big brother and fiance giving up time to be with family
(Nice purse huh!)

family time...........
370 lb bench

677lb squat
We had to go home before the deadlift for brother to work.
606 deadlift...... 1653 total. First place in his division.
Pretty awesome for a Drug free 46 year old!!!
knitting project done and blocked out- ready to mail
Beautiful prayer shawl.......

Breathtaking leaves when we arrived home.

A beautiful day......

Hope you are enjoying your weekend.
Under His wings,


  1. Wow... that is so neat Anna! Congratulations to your (very strong) hubby! :) Looks like everyone is enjoying a family weekend. That is awesome!

  2. Beautiful prayer shawl!! I love the color. I'm sure the recepient will be blessed.


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