Thursday, November 10, 2011

A conversation....

Lil G n I just had this conversation:

She toddles into the room, climbs into my lap.
Hugs and saying H H H sound and signing the letter H
Kisses and K K K signing the letter K
then signs " want Eat lunch please."
Mommy replies, "oh you are hungry, you want lunch? What would you like?"
Lil G signs /says, "lunch please"
Mommy signs and says," would you like a grilled cheese sandwich?"
G screeches , "NOOOOO!"
Mommy internally, maybe externally, rolls her eyes and thinks , "here we go again"
Mommy says calmly," Okay what would you like to eat?"
(thinking she would get the response signing "want eat lunch " Per usual.
Lil G has another surprise up her 4T sleeve
(purple shirt that says Daddy's girl) wink wink
Lil G replies/signs ," Want spaghetti please"
once again......
Doing the snoopy happy dance as I type this!
I feel so so blessed to be a part of this little girls life.
So blessed to have sign language.
Communication is beautiful.

Under His wings,


  1. Oh, communication IS beautiful! What a wonderful exchange, and so, so exciting! I bet that sweet little girl has plenty more tricks up that sleeve of hers... :-) I'm so happy for you both.


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