Monday, November 7, 2011

Arts festival

We went to first service yesterday
which gave us spare time to wander the Arts festival.
I must say it was heavenly.
(wouldve been even better without the crowds)
Husband entertained little one as we wandered up and down the streets and aisles.
I saw these handmade journals.
I dont even want one,
I know if I had one I wouldnt be able to bring myself to paint in it.
Really..... Im serious.
I know the reason Im enjoying my journal is
I know its made from an old book,
if I mess up I can just put a layer of gesso over it.
Very freeing.
I found some handpainted yarn and already have a knitting project on my list to knit it up.
I could barely sleep last night
because the yarn was screaming to be knit so loudly.
You think Im joking?
I dont joke about things like that.
I have to knit this baby sweater first.
Plus I was trying to get my other no purl monkey sock knit to mail by the 12th-
the last day to mail military packages for Christmas.
Which is highly unlikely anyhow.
I keep telling the yarn to be quiet and that it will have to wait its turn.

I loaded up in the car with Lil G
had brother drop us off on his way to school
so we could play at the park.
just to get out of the house-
and away from the yarn.
We had a great time
There happened to be a family that spoke Spanish at the park
I could tell Lil G was intrigued.
She actually tried to hug on the grandmother
who was a willing recipient.
I hurried to explain in my Spanglish that we were trying to discourage her from showing affection to strangers,
Felt like a heel.
Then while playing on the slide she hugged a little girl-
I apologized profusely -
she didnt even see it coming.
The look on her face was priceless.
I can laugh about it now!!!
Lil G enjoyed Climbing the rope ladder, the stairs, the swings,
the slide...... and the open space to RUN!
(didnt bring the camera- oops!)

Have to share a funny.
I was in the laundry room and lil G brought me a dishcloth,
Then she had something very serious to tell me.

I walk into the kitchen and see this in the sink. Huh?

Walk back to her room to see this..........

It was an "AHAAAA!" Moment .
I wonder if that smeared spot is where she tried to clean it on her own?
I didnt notice that until writing this post.
Thankfully I have the industrial size.
I am not sponsored by this company. My personal opinion= Amazing!)
Needless to say, She did have something important to tell me.
"Here mom, I think you are going to need this."
its all grace isnt it?!
off to go knit that baby sweater.... I promise!

Under His wings,


  1. "Here mom, I think you are going to need this." lol Love it. Bless her sweet heart! The Arts Festival sounds like so much fun. And that yarn... oh goodness... it is gorgeous!! I love colors like that! :)

  2. God bless your knitting.
    so many studies to show your brain is healthier after 30mins of knitting... creative and mathmatical, the peace and rhythm... all bringing parts of your problem solving brain to a better place.
    I don't know how to knit... I do needle felting and crochet. ( and other nonfiber crafts/arts)... don't know if it does the same things...
    but we need it desperately when we have kids, don't we?


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