Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ecuador Part 3 and yarn Along

This week I have been knitting on plain ole Stockinette squares -
I am knitting a blanket for my son and his Fiance for Christmas.
I wanted to knit them a Hemlock ring.

its one of the most beautiful things I have knit.
A little difficult, but as long as you use stitch markers
and keep track of your pattern it is worth it!
But as I considered it I wasnt sure if a round blanket would be snuggly enough,
plus one with holes in it.
(a peeve of mine- you get all snuggled up and a toe or something comes poking out of a hole.)
The second drawback was its made of wool,
has to be hand washed. I just worried about it standing the test of time......
it accidentally gets thrown in the wash -
you end up with a felted coaster that took months to make!
I had purchased the Cascade 220 to make a sweater for him
he grew and decide he wasnt the sweater wearing type.
I think it will be beautiful when I get it knit and felted.
(oldest daughter is helping)

What Ive been reading? "Reclaiming Lily" by Patti lacy.
All in all this was a good book. It was hard really getting into the rhythm of the story. The author ties two cultures together by an international adoption from China. By the time the oldest biological sister fulfills her dying mothers wishes to "reclaim Lily" her younger sister is 17 years old. During those seven years the sister has gone to medical school in America and found the cause of their mothers death which only fuels her desire to find her little sister. The disease is genetic and she wants to warn Lily and her adoptive family. In this process there is healing for all involved. It was hard to follow at times because of the oldest sisters flashbacks to China. I also had a hard time with the adoptive mothers emotional instability. Being an adoptive mother I remember how emotional international adoption can be but her personality rubbed me wrong and it seemed like her faith wasnt real. There were many twists and turns,plus a surprise ending, but if you can keep up I am sure you will enjoy this story.

Speaking of adoption,
Ive been posting this week about familes adopting in Ecuador.
I know of three families that have paperwork in the process and will be traveling soon. You can Read Monday and Tuesdays posts if youd like to read more.
Today I wanted to share a link with the last family I know will be traveling soon.
This little girl went to the same school as our Lil G and was an orphanange sister as well.
I am so excited for all the little ones finding their families......
Having a home
and a family


  1. That is a really beautiful blanket! I've always wanted to knit that pattern, it's so pretty.

  2. What a gorgeous blanket, truly a work of the heart! And I know what you mean about a toe sticking out, haha!

    I've enjoyed reading your last several posts so much...God bless the sweet girls and the families that are welcoming them into their homes. Thanks for sharing your passion for adoption and Ecuador.


  3. it is gorgeous and i'm sure it will be treasured (be sure to attach a care tag!)


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