Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Yarn along and a Book review

Lil G and I had a great morning.
We played with a VTec Alphabet town game
It plays 26 songs, a clock game
letter phonics, counting spelling
Some of the words are appropriate for a town
but for a toy designed for a 3-5 year old?
Oh well.
We had lunch together and she signed
"more red game please"
followed by over ten kisses on one cheek
little Manipulator!
Im loving all the communication.
Nap and bedtimes have been a disaster.
I think she is needing less sleep.

A few pics from Monday Go Gators! and a ladybug......
(my oldest daughters dog, she has a vet appointment tomorrow. Wed love a prayer or two)

Ive gotten my prayer shawl knit up
I need to block it
and get the recipients address.
(I will have pics of it blocking and being modeled next Wed!)
I pulled out the baby sweater and Ive been working on the sleeves.
Hope to have it done by the weekend.
Im so glad its almost done.
Then the second yellow "no purl monkey" sock.......
Been stalking Ravelry for my next knitting project.
I have yarn I want to knit up.
Not sure what I want to do just yet.

What have I been reading?
Right now I am reading "Eat pray Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert.
Ive seen the movie and enjoyed it.
Hadnt gotten around to reading it for some reason.
Here is the review for that book:

The setting of this story takes place during WW1. I haven't read many Historical novels written during this time setting much less about the Spanish Flu epidemic and I enjoyed reading a story with a new twist or two. The author has a very fluid writing style and I found myself looking forward to time that I could sit down and read each evening. The characters were very endearing. I love the spunky Rebekah, at the young age of 19, She was sick of the town she had grown up in and wanted adventure like most teenagers I know. Rebekah hadnt set her mind on exactly what she wanted to be or do but it all focused on getting out of a small rural town and NOT being a farmers wife. Her ticket out of town ended up being asked to go care for an ailing aunt, who tragically passed away upon her arrival leaving her shouldered with the responsibility of raising the children that were under her aunts care. I found myself unable to put the book down several nights in a row because I was cheering Rebekah on as she learned who she was and her true calling in life. I would like to thank Bethany House for the opportunity to review this book. This review is completely my own, I recieve no compensation other than the book to read in exchange for my honest opinion.


  1. I love hearing other people's opinions of books! I'm reading too many to count right now. Gotta just stop, finish one, then move on...

    Wow, your knitting is just beautiful! I'm always so impressed by the things Samantha's grandmother in England knits. It's such a wonderful skill to have!

    Sammi has that same VTech Alphabet town thingy. We found it at a yard sale a few years ago for $5, and she still loves it!

  2. Beautfiul knitting! I wish I had the time to knit like I once did. I know there will come a time again. Thanks for showing us a piece of your world.


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