Saturday, December 3, 2011

A huge surprise and blessing!

Guess where I was....... Do you recognize this face?
horrible quality photo, Im so sorry...... but
could that be Beth Moore?
in Pensacola???????
cute as a button!

Thousands of women Singing Amazing grace
after quite a few of the ladies had already
started to head home........
I love how passionate this dear woman is about Gods Word.
This was not a "pep rally"
or anything of the sort.
A great time learning and studying.
I wasnt going to go.......
I guess God had other ideas.
The message was just, well, there arent words.
I am really numb.

Please pray for my dear friend that gave me her tickets,
Melissa is her name.
They thought she had been bitten by something
but I think the Drs have now decided
she has one of those super-bug infections on her stomach.
She is very very sick.


  1. Oh beth moore... she is great isn't she!? so glad you go to see her.
    Prayers for your friend.
    Thank you for the kind words on my blog... you are so special... I really appreciate you.

  2. Read this post and the one above and I am sitting here Anna so choked up by the depth that you share from. Having been through quite a few of those Christmases where we are just grateful to have what we need, I needed to be reminded that that TRULY is more than enough. Much love to you girl and thank you for sharing. xoRobin


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