Thursday, December 8, 2011


Many years ago our family took a huge leap of faith,
packed up and moved to a "foriegn land".
Lower Alabama.......
Things really fell apart
and we ended up on the receiving end.
We made a promise that when we were back on our feet things wouldnt change.
We would continue to remember the real reason .......
our hands would stay open
receiving to give
(who needs one more "thing"?)
Focusing on Memories,

Our trip to Ecuador hammered that deeper into my soul
the being- thankful- for- every-thing.
Seeing Lil Gs room mates that were being left behind
begging to go home with G's Mami and Papi
I am changed.
The Christ -child- in- me compelling me to do it His way
(my church friends learning about Gs first home.)
good bye hugs.......

There are two families headed to Ecuador soon.
(the third family is meeting their daughter today)
The children cannot be forgotten.

If you still want to do for someone and havent yet,
Even if you cant help financially or physically purchase anything,
lift a prayer or two for this family and this family
these children?
If you want to see a present God gave me today-
a video on Youtube with G on 4:22
some of the other little ones I know and love are on there too!

these are the needs listed on Kim's blog:

**Baby wash/Baby lotion. These things have a high tariff and are really expensive in Ecuador.
*Shirts for children ages 10-16
*Underwear for 16 yr old girl
*Thermal socks for 16 year old girl
*Sweatshirts/jackets for children ages 10-16
**Crib Sheets
*Twin size bed sheets
**Plastic bibs
*Sweaters for boys and girls sizes 3-6
**tights for babies and toddlers
(There is a greater need for items with two stars)
If, while you are out and about doing your Christmas shopping, you would like to pick up any of these items, please do. I am sure they will help make Christmas a little more special at the orphanage.
For my friends locally,
Let me know if you would like to send a few things
I would be glad to include them in my package.
Im also wondering about sending a check instead of the soaps given the weight
it would add to the shipping price considerably.

Under His wings,


  1. Thank you Anna! This is wonderful. Yes, I thought the same on the prices of the baby soaps. We can purchase here if anyone would rather send a check. Bless you!

  2. Yes... giving! My post on (in)courage today is about just that. Sharing this wonderful gift we have been given! I love how you said... "The Christ -child- in- me compelling me to do it His way." Beautifully said Anna!

  3. I'm enjoying reading more about you and your family's calling. Thank you for all the work you are doing on behalf of the children.

    Many Blessings,


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