Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Elves at work

Yeah this is the best picture we could get.
Have I mentioned she is opinionated?
Have I mentioned she doesnt like having her picture taken?
Yeah, welcome to my world.
here Lil G is dying laughing because I gave her a penny to throw in the fountain.
This is after I handed it to her and she immediately crammed it in her mouth.
I cant begin to let my mind wander as to where it had been.....
(she was watching a grandpa hand some littles change to throw in- I had to let her try.)
I was thinking maybe she was making a wish about her little friends at Para Sus Ninos-
Meeting their new families. (see her shirt. I know you want one... contact this family.
the purchase of this shirt will help TWO of her room mates come home with new families!
Its a win-win situation. I know you want one.......I cant wait until her brother unwraps his and I can get photos of them.......)
she sees other people sitting on the edge and thinks
it looks like a good idea
This was the best part of the shopping trip on Monday.
I never found gloves small enough to fit her hands. A six year old with hands the size of a 3 year old. We shopped four hours and only found mittens- that will not work when your form of communication is sign language. It would be like putting duct tape on your mouth. Anyhow, I remembered my sister loves Lands End and LL Bean. I found them in ten minutes flat, on sale and will arrive before Christmas, free shipping and handling with a hat to match. Will someone remind me next year? I may do all my shopping that way. This elf does not like to shop- THE END. My sister..... she has the gift of shopping. Me, not so much. Give me a hank of yarn and let me sit in the quiet and knit a gift. Or give me some paints and paper or wood......tucked away in my little quiet home on my quiet little road, (not really but it sounded good!)
for son's bathroom........
Something I made for son's apartment

. husband helped me fix them, the wood warped. I put hangers on the back.
Hanging over the couch. He is so happy.
Im also working on coasters made with scrabble tiles.
Some hand knits...... Keeping busy.
Loving the Advent season.
Under His wings,


  1. Wow, the pictures you made are beautiful!!

    Too cute seeing Little G playing by the fountain! Kids just loooove fountains. :-)

    My mother-in-law actually knitted Samantha a couple of pairs of gloves. The fingers are still a little bit long, but they are definitely little-kid-sized. Are you much of a knitter?

  2. LOVE how sweet little G looks in her shirt- I figured it would be big but glad its not to huge for her!... She is such a cute little girl.


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