Monday, July 9, 2012


Love begins at home,
and its not how much we do......
but how much love
we put in that action.

                                       ~Mother Teresa

Yesterday while Lil G Was napping
I pulled out my new camera
and went looking for God.
I know that I can see Him at work all around me
It only takes a moment or two
a pause in the movement,
noise, to do lists.
Just time to be still......
open my eyes
and look for things that
 unless you make a point of "seeing"
you might miss it.

 I was once again reminded a few weeks ago
that need to take pause,
you just dont know from one day to the next
I am human,
I get used to one Sesame Street blending into another,
(two every morning)
one Olivia,
Bowl of dry cereal and 2 cups of juice
(half water and half juice )
Dressed for the day-
every other day is bath day.
Music till lunch.
Play games and read until nap.
Naps from 2-5pm.
Up asking for snack:
Specifically,"Orange bowl.Crackers. Juice." she signs
while watching a video or two
mommy is starting supper.
Eat supper at 7 when papa gets home.
Ice cream at 8:30
Dressed, teeth brushed, potty ,story time.
Bed at 9:00......
each weekday is the same.
Literally, we laugh when she strolls in at 8:30
knowing she is going to sign "Ice Cream. Bowl."

Until the seizures started.
It was like the whole daily grind 
 put in a box
shaken not stirred.....

I have been working hard on finding "normal"
holding tight
 to the people,
  and rituals in my life that steady me
the rhythms of prayer and quiet when I can.
Slowly but surely.
Its good.


  1. I know another family living with seizures. It's almost like having a stranger move into the house and take up residence. An unwelcome stranger. I hope you can get a handle on this ....


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