Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Waiting.... This is the place I find myself.
Choosing each day.
Seems like each minute, to trust God.
Choosing to enjoy the blessings God gives me and not let the good things get swallowed up by this black cloud hanging over my head. Knowing that He is God and not me. Taking that big-ness to heart and letting it pour over me instead of the lies and condemnation. Those things are not true and I have to choose to apply God's word to my heart and know he is working it out on our behalf. He hasnt allowed us to know or see what is taking so long. But that doesnt mean that it isnt HUGE.
I choose to not let this thing eat so much of my emotional energy.
I choose to wait.
And be patient.
My faith is bigger.
Gods grace is bigger.
SO if you see me on the streets remind me.....

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  1. Your doing all you can,which is trusting in His plan right now.Difficult for sure but quite possibly the only thing that will see your through days like these.Tomorrow is another day.And no one needs to remind you of anything,you know all you need to know ... in your heart of hearts.


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