Monday, July 27, 2009

Cake and even more happy thoughts!

Just wanted to let you know we are waiting to hear good news from the Childrens Council. They met on Thursday and the lawyer in Ecuador spoke with the head of the council and she said things went "excellent". She said the whole council would meet Tuesday- tomorrow and we should hear good news. Now I am not quite sure if its good news about our agencies accreditation or the "stamp of approval" for us to travel. Just one or both would be great.
Our Church's Ecuador mission group comes home today. I cant wait to see and hear of thier wonderful stories. I cant wait to see Mama Yolis for myself when we travel. She was a beautiful peorson and touched many lives. My teenagers to name a few. I sent a few gifts to the Orphanage and hope they got to "little G" safe and sound.
Im turning 39 again today so Im off to enjoy life and looking forward to the cake my husband made yesterday. (Thank you Alton Brown for the wonderful recipe! "P" is an Alton fan.......)

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  1. Happy belated birthday! Can't beat Alton Brown's cakes (or anything else Alton!).

    Glad to hear the adoption updates too! Praying the red tape moves quickly!


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