Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Thinking happy thoughts

I have just completed a beautiful knitting project Called "Mary Mary"
and the beret called "tickle" for our precious "little G".
I also started "Blossom" which will be a matching red dress.
I am just praying she doesn't grow out of another size of clothing
before we get to bring out little princess home from Ecuador.
The patterns are in a book by Louisa Harding called "Bizu bizoo".
(Means "Kisses Kisses" in French.)

I would love to knit all little girl patterns in the book
I was so excited to see the sizes went from infant to 3T.
Since I know I will be a grandma one day-"Ya- ya" I hope.
I know the book will be one that will get much use.
SO far the directions are well written and I recommend it!
Although in the hat and the dress Ive started
I am choosing to knit in the round
instead of the way the pattern is written
to eliminate the need for sewing it up in the end.
Why if its not necessary??

No news on the adoption front.
I have been doing pretty well at remaining optimistic lately
and not so many tears.

God sent me a few special pick-me-ups
this afternoon as I was helping oldest daughter get to work.
A favorite song came on "Waiting"
I was doing my best at the Karaoke as I drove.......
and there was a billboard.
"Patiently wait on God"
( I felt like the movie Eagle Eye)
Only God speaking in a HUGE voice.

I didn't know that God was really just encouraging me
before the rug got pulled out from under us.
I found out a couple had withdrew from their adoption
because their paperwork process was being difficult in Ecuador
and their agency is also having trouble getting their Hague accreditation renewal....
like our agency.
I am not sure why they decided to withdraw
when its only been 3 months since they have received their referral.
It doesn't really mean anything for us..... just FELT bad.
(this is the second family that I know of that has done this)
Then right before bed I checked my e-mail again.
(note to self: "Do not, repeat, Do Not check e-mail before bed!")
The only agency in Canada doing adoptions in Ecuador filed bankruptcy.
From what I understand this means these families have lost their money
and potential children no matter where they are in the process.
I will be making sure about the details.
Again, this means nothing for our adoption.
But it FEELS horrible.
How are we any better than they are?

I keep trusting that God has not shut the door
and we do keep taking baby steps forward.
We keep developing the character
that is what we need as an "end result"
to prepare us for eternity.
Thinking happy thoughts.
One foot in front of the other.
That is all this life is about.......

(this post was edited on March 7,2012 to add photos we had
but legally werent allowed to share)
This post has been "most visited on my blog" and I felt like adding photos
might add interest to those visiting years later.

Under His wings,

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  1. anna,

    that is so odd, it is a public blog, and i've never heard of that happening, but here is the web address to my blog again:


    if you have problems again, you could always try to reach it thru my ravelry profile page.

    the only other thing i could think of is that maybe your internet browser is blocking it.

    lets hope it was just a fluke thing!


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