Thursday, August 16, 2012

Yarn along and a book review or two!

As summer is winding down I'm like most mothers in the trenches.
I've been trying to mark things off my list, 
say no, 

and stay focused.
Easier said than done I assure you!
I've been knitting a baby blanket for a few months now.
It's a little slow going but that is completely my own fault.
It's a well written pattern and I love the yarn.
Maybe in a month or so when it starts to cool off I will find my knitting mojo.

I've read a few more books this summer.
Right now I am reading  "Same kind of different as me" by Ron Hall and Denver Moore. I'm about halfway through and it's very gripping. I'm glad I grabbed it out of my daughters "things to donate" box.

 Speaking of my oldest daughter, 
yes we did drive to Kansas and back last week. 
Technically it's an 18 hour drive. 
Hauling a loaded trailer going 65-70mph and a little one on new meds adds several hours.
 I wish we could've taken 3 days each way, 
but we did it and next year when we go for a visit I'm sure it will be easier. 
I'd appreciate continued prayers for my daughter, Ashley.
 I know that God is allowing hard circumstances in her life to develop her character and draw her to him. 
It is hard for a mother to watch tho.
 I'm really ready for things to start looking up for her.

The two books I've finished recently were very good.
I will start with "Travlers  Rest" by Ann Tatlock
I have not read any of this authors novels and see that this is her ninth.
 I loved the ease of the story and how the characters stories intertwined. 
This story was very realistic and not sugar coated which made the story enjoyable.
 I find some stories of faith are too simplistic and happily ever after. 
The story takes place in the present with the main characters engaged. 
He gets called off to war and comes home wounded.
I have not read any stories with this plot so it was very intriguing.
 I loved the moral questions that arise and how Jane works through finding her answers.
 I highly recommend this story and give it 5 out of 5 stars.

"Short Straw Bride" by Karen Witemeyer is a novel set back in 1870 in rural Texas.
 The story takes off from the start with action and suspense. 
The reader finds themselves reading about the main characters twelve years before the story actually takes place~
 setting the background  for the rest of the novel.
 I loved the spunky main character and her "I can do it myself" attitude.
 I also enjoyed watching her mature as the drama unfolds.
 The characters meld so nicely and there is enough tension and drama that I had read the book in two reading sessions of," just one more chapter."
There were many candid moments that actually made me laugh out loud!
I dont know when the last time I read a novel that had this effect on me.
 I enjoyed that the book was a wholesome romance and know there are several young ladies in our circle that will appreciate that fact.
 I will give this story 5 out of five stars despite the predictability because of the writers attention to detail and the reprieve it provided!

I have received both of the books reviewed from Bethany House publishers. 
The reviews are my honest opinion.


  1. Hi! Your baby blanket is beautiful. I think the sheen of the yarn is gorgeous. Best, Rachel

  2. Your blanket is really lovely.
    I don't know what troubles your daughter is facing but I will send thoughts of love and light her way x

  3. Praying for Ashley! I can only imagine how difficult it must be to see your child struggle through life time is coming, for sure! Praying that the Lord would show her the way!

  4. Your blanket is gorgeous. I can tell God has given you outlets to process the things of life. Not sure what is going with Ashley but I will pray for her and your family. And still, you find time to read. Amazing. I too dislike the predictability of most Christian fiction. Glad you found some good ones.

  5. The baby blanket is looking beautiful! What a precious piece it will be when you are finished. Praying for your daughter. It is wonderful how you are seeing her situation as an opportunity for her to draw closer to Him. Praying that happens!


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