Monday, August 27, 2012

Yarn along

I've made progress on my baby blanket this past week.That is saying a lot.
Between painting and moving Lil G into the bigger of the bedrooms
My other motherly and wifely duties, plus whatever has been ailing me
I feel like I am burning the candle at both ends Maybe even in the middle!

                     (thought youd enjoy seeing the  purple in Lil Gs room)

I finally put on my big girl panties,Made an appointment
And chatted with my dr about the situation.
Thankfully she has been my Dr for long enough to know
I let it get pretty bad before I cry mercy~ wave the white flag.
She sent me for bloodwork, 8 vials!
(they may be get to see Lil G next time she is due)
Reminds me of when I had Lyme disease in 2006.(eerily so mind you)
I don't have a diagnosis but she did send me home with some meds she hopes will bring some relief
I am thankful, I don't really care for a name,
Just a cure!(if only it were that easy!)

                                                     (FIrst day of dance- see the rainbow!)

What am I reading? I am simply giddy about this!
 I was chosen to review Dee Hendersons latest book. "Full Disclosure"
Meaning:advanced release readers copy In MY hands!
I have read all of her books at least once, Many twice.
Given we've had swimming lessons each morning,
Dr appointments And dance class,

I'm happy to report I'm already on chapter 6.
If you like action, suspense, romance and faith.....This would be a great choice!
The book will be released on October 2nd.

This post was to link up with Ginny at small things
but the linky closed- usally we link up on Wednesdays
thats showing you how swamped Ive really been. 5 days later!

(Washcloths my oldest daughter knit up for me, havent been able to bring myself to using them)

I will update you that weve been staring at a hurricane headed our way
and are thankful that at the moment it seems to have set its sights elsewhere.
gas cans are filled, non perishables purchased,
trees trimmed and lawn furniture put away,
generator prepped, cars filled.
schools closed......
Im sorry for those in New Orleans.
Given how close we are in Hurricane distance
 Lil Gs neurologist appt has been cancelled.
Not real happy about that but what are we going to do?
I will also mention that the medication sent home last week
is no longer an option.
Had a really rough time of it over the weekend from side effects
Id rather walk around exhausted and in pain.
pretty disappointed about that to say the least.

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  1. I am keeping you close to my heart my Florida friend. Knowing all too well, almost exactly how you are feeling.

    Thank you for posting, despite all the health issues and busy goings on in your overflowing life. And thanks for the pictures of G. Always is sure to make me smile.

    Try to take care of you, if you are able. The best you are able. Pretty funny coming from me, wouldn't you say??


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