Friday, September 21, 2012

studio sneak peek

I havent been home this past week so 
I thought I would post what I had done 
that was creative and artistic......

We went to the pumpkin farm.
It was raining so most of the people were leaving
just as we were getting there.
The lighting wasnt too harsh either.
these havent been tweaked but I still wanted to join in.

I gotta crop the water bottle out of this one.......

each time I see this one I am filled with emotion......
my parents.

(shes getting her groove on...... any shoes are her dancing shoes!)

(Mom, you are cracking. me. up!)

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  1. Well, she IS groovy! LOVE HER!! We should all bust a move in a pumpkin patch! Why not?! Love your pics, and love the pumpkin photos, too. Thanks for the sweet post ~ she is lovely to behold.

  2. I've never even heard of a pumpkin farm before. Looks cool!


  3. What a cutie! And what a great pumpkin patch! It's always fun to go pick some out for fall - my favorite time of year. :o) Nice photos!

  4. Love that little doll of yours!!!! And wow, those are some HUGE pumpkins she was standing in front of!!

  5. love her groove....and love the huge pumpkin patch....:)

  6. G is looking as cute as ever! Hope she is feeling well and doing better health-wise too.


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