Thursday, September 20, 2012

Yarn Along and a book review

Please don't fall over,
I am actually posting.
I know......Such a shock.
This is a post that should have been written and posted two weeks ago.
It seems like it takes so much energy to keep things going lately
Blogging just had to wait.

I cast off on the beautiful baby blanket I've been knitting.
With much humility I will admit there are two rows where I messed up the seed stitch pattern
Near the beginning,
I had wrestled with ripping out weeks of work,
After getting off to a bad start - an error I found on the pattern nonetheless!
I am sure the error is no longer an issue because I was given a copy to be a test knitter
Not sure if you remember when I cast on, the border was meant to be garter stitch 
I decided to use seed stitch.
I think I needed a healthy dose of humility.
the mistake in the beginning caused problems in the end.
The seed stitch didnt line up. Im not sure how a seasoned knitter wouldve fixed it.
Im wondering if adding a stitch where it didnt line up would have been the best option?
if Id known it would be a problem in the end as well.
I mightve gone on ahead and ripped.

If you've read this far you will now have the treat of reading a book review!
I was elated to be chosen by Bethany House Publishers to review "Full Disclosure" by Dee Henderson. 
I've not done a review on a book yet to be published ~
much less an author I adore as much as I do Dee Henderson.
 When my daughter was a teenager we read all of Dee Hendersons books many times over together.
with her living so far away and all the changes we have gone through 
it was neat to read a book I knew she would enjoy receiving in a care package!
 This author does such a beautiful job of developing realistic characters and situations to keep the readers attention. Her attention to detail surpasses many of the authors I have read over the years. 
I am so glad that she has broken the haitus- its been 5 years since her last book! 
This book started with intense action from the first page and didn't stop until the very last word .
 I loved that The author brought in the characters we had read about in her other books. 
This caught me off guard and was such a pleasant surprise. 
If you are familiar with her stories Im sure you will enjoy this as well
 but its not necessary to enjoy or understand the plot.
As I've mentioned many times before when reviewing a book, I love when a story is unpredictable. 
This novel did not leave me disappointed. 
I did guess one part of the story which did leave me awfully proud of myself,
 but there was so much more that kept me on my toes.
This is a book that I would highly recommend to anyone that has time to spare
 to get caught up in a fictional world full of suspense and drama.
If youd like to read the first chapter or see the trailer go to this link.
I would give it 5 out of 5 stars!
Id like to thank Bethany House publishers for the early release copy that I recieved for review purposes.
This review is my own personal opinion.

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