Saturday, November 10, 2012

She might be visually impaired, but I saw what you did.

It was a beautiful crisp Fall evening
I dressed her warmly
We've just gotten over a cold.
The clocks have turned back.
I had forgotten how dark it gets, 
So early for the skies to already be black.
We stopped by her favorite restaurant, I love her squeals of delight
Chicken French fries! Her favorite phrase I fear.
She loves going on Wednesday evenings

We've been changing meds again
I was filled with anxiety
But I don't want her to know that.
The children are laughing and coloring
She enjoys naming the colors
I think she finds a thrill at her newfound knowledge.
Imagine having to wait until you are 4.5 for words!

Her scribbles fill the page
Of course lots of purple.
It's her favorite.
She is teaching me to love it too.
We "line up " to have story time
Hence the reason she signs "line up?" each day.
(Wondering if its Wednesday. Church day.)
She loves the puppets and flannel board stories.
My mind smiles at seeing child number four learning the same stories I did 

Flannel figures depicting the stories
Prayer time is next, We both enjoy this time
The children are allowed to take turns, 
Some just stand quietly then go sit back down
The teacher reminds them 
you don't have to speak for God to hear your prayers.

That is a good reminder isn't it?
Then it's time to play outside.
She holds the helpers hand and squeals and runs
She doesn't care about the games
It feels good to just run and use her outside voice.
I sit with the teachers and enjoy the moments to watch her from afar.

As we "line up" and walked single file down the hallway and passed the older children, 
he ones that are her age, 
two little boys started laughing and pointing. 
Their laughter was so loud. i can still hear it. the horrible things they said.
I was so thankful she had passed and was clueless.                                                                                  I knew I couldn’t be trusted to even open my mouth .
I kept on walking, acting like it never happened.
 But it did. 
   The only thing I can think when the ugliness rears its head inside my mind, 
I hope and pray their mamas love them as passionately as I love her. 

I really do.


  1. Ooh, power to ya for not saying anything. I know I would not have been able to hold back, and that is a flaw of mine. Your beautiful, sweet girl with a heart of gold will teach other boys like that one day. She'll teach them to speak, with compassion and fairness, to love unconditionally. It will happen.

  2. I'm sorry you had to witness that..but it was a remarkable way to think about hope their Mama loves them as much as you love her. Because we know you love her as much as any Mama could love a daughter. You are blessed to have her...and she is blessed to have you now. Happy Thanksgiving to you all! Jennifer


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