Friday, February 22, 2013

Yarn Along

It's a rainy day,
Perfect for a hot cup of coffee,
Knitting in hand- pleat neck tunic by Debbie Bliss. (Knitting in the round)
And a new book , " Independent movement and travel in Blind Children".
So far it's been full of helpful information that sheds light into our situation.
Things unrelated to traveling with a white cane.
For instance,
I have complained many many times about lil Gs thrill over throwing her toys.
I had wondered if it somehow was linked to her being blind or being raised in an orphanage-
Or both.
I think I have found it! It's a process called echolocation.
I had never heard of this process so I find it very interesting,
A blind baby slapping their hand on the tile floor is using echolocation-
Using the echo, sounds, to gather information about their surroundings.
So, quite possibly she had learned this helpful way of throwing toys to learn about the toy,
Gravity, and the surroundings she happened to be in.
I have been working with her to redirect her - to change this behavior.
I am wondering now,
obviously throwing whatever happens to be in her hand at the moment
isn't appropriate behavior for a 7 year old.
But it seems like we are re creating the wheel somewhat with this child.
I am hoping that as we surround ourselves with parents of blind children,
as we learn more about Down syndrome, that we are able to determine what is best for little G.
Because truthfully she isn't typical, she doesn't just have Down syndrome. This is different and must be carefully considered. The whole person, not just parts.

The answers to the questions have been difficult,
But I am oh so thankful I had already pondered them -
What would this look like?
How would the answers change our approach, dreams, expectations?
Every once in awhile a deep aching sorrow swells in my heart,
My child is blind,
This is what our future looks like.
No more dreams of a future lens transplant.
No more Wondering if I am really making the wrong choices
by being adamant about Braille
Along with large print, and magnification.
And using a cane.......

So if you happen to be with me, don't be surprised if I randomly start sobbing.
I am really okay,
Just having a mama moment.

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