Wednesday, December 16, 2009

December 17th- Perspective & Waiting

As I sit here at my computer I can see the sun shining outside my windows and after all the rain this month its a blessed occurrance. ( 12 inches already. If we get more rain as promised before the end of the month it will push us into the "wettest December in History". I am not sure when they started keeping records.) Isnt it funny how we appreciate something we take for granted once we "go without".

Take our health for instance. It just takes one visit to the Dr for life to go spinning out of control.

These changes in our life are good for us. They change our perspective. They change how we view things. The outside didnt change, it was me, the inside that changed how I percieved it. Today I am thankful for the sunshine. (as are many in communities around us that are flooded out of their homes right now, a little over a week away from Christmas. Not in a flood zone, no flood insurance. sigh......

Tomorrow is "The day" that the council will meet again. Once a month they meet to sign off on the adoption "assignment letters". Our immigration deadline is quickly approaching. Last I talked to our immigrations officer it was the 17th. But it took longer to process the papers so that gave us a few more days. The official deadline is the 24th. Christmas Eve. As we await on the celebration of the birth of our Savior we also wait on him to come as he did so long ago, to rescue our situation. Can you imagine on Sunday when our pastor talked about how we are "waiting" we sang the song thats first on my play list. THEY sang "Away in a manger." My throat was so constricted with raw emotion, nothing was coming out. No room for a bed....... my sweet Savior. He really understands the plight of the Orphans. So much as to say when we do for "the least of these" we are actually doing unto Him. He even takes on their identity. I can go on and on. The first Sunday of Advent the Christmon tree was in the foyer and we were handed ornaments to hang on the tree. The attendant reached into her box to hand me an ornament, then we both looked at it. "oh how neat Anna, yours is the creche, the manger......" More days than not I see Gods hand. I am thankful to be so aware. For my spiritual vision to be so attuned to see what He is doing, saying to me. To read on someones blog Luke 12:6-7 talking about the sparrows and how they are only worth pennies..... but our worth more than a whole flock of sparrows. How He cares and provides for them and how muh more he does for us, going so far as to number the hairs on our head! Only days before that I was in the passenger seat as we drove down the street. Rarely I see a bluebird. Oh I squealed as one flew across a yard. Then another followed it. I followed their flight to see them land on a power line. There were five! Five bluebirds sitting in a row! That was my happy thought for the morning........ I know there is a difference in bluebirds and sparrows. But He can minister to us through His creation.....
Our church had several people help write a devotional for the Advent. Todays verse is Zephaniah 3:14-20. "He will quiet you with His love, he will rejoice over you with singing." Makes me think of our pastor talking about how a mother with an infant can quiet that child with her love. Did you know that El Shaddai, The root word Shad means breast! As an infant, the mother provides all the nourishment her child needs at her breast. They have found that in the first days breastmilk, colostrum, provides immunities for the infant child. God is the provider of all things we need. Its all found in Him.

I guess all that said to say,
I am learning to appreciate the wait. I am learning to rest in Him. Let His peace wash over me and appreciate all the ways He comunicates His love, His provision.......

Try to savor the "wait" for the birth of our Savior with me.
Advent is such a beautiful "waiting" time.
The anticipation.
Dont let it pass you by..........

Under His Wings,

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