Monday, December 7, 2009

My brother in Laws sermon

Can you believe my Brother in law mentioned to me on Face Book that he used us as an illustration on Sunday. I watched it with trepidation. I will list the link here in case you might want to watch. Its the Sermon Titled "Gods work in us" on December 6 by Pastor Matt W. The first ten mins or so while it loads you will hear incredible Christmas music. Then the actual video comes onto the screen - the next 40 min of the actual service is a wonderful musical drama. The last say 20 min is the actual sermon in case you are wanting to "get to the point". My husband is that kind of person so I am making that part available to "those kinds" of people. Ha ha!

moving on.........

As I watched the ending of the SEC championship game. You know, where they show the winning team saying "Hi Mom" and being excited about winning. I was so moved to hear the player that was first interviewed for the "other" team. "I just want to start off by thanking God. Through Him this is possible." It made me remember just 30 min earlier that I saw Tim Tebow praying to that very same God during halftime. Yes my beloved Gators just didnt win. But God still showed up and He still got the glory. Isnt that all that really matters. Football games come and go but God is God.

Things in our life come and go,
but God is still God.

My brother in law mentioned the verse that I quoted in my last post in Romans 5. ( has he been reading my blog???)
Other top verses in his sermon that I can relate to:

Phillipians 3:1-11
Hebrews 12:10
and the one on Tim Tebows eyeblack on Sunday.
How approporiate. John 16:33
Thanks Matt. I didnt look for that one. So I could take that as far as to say God was trying to continue to remind me of this "lesson" even through the game...... hate to admit that after while I just couldnt even watch.......

I wish I could share all the "God Hugs" I recieved after my post last week. You can read 4 on the comments section. The rest I will savor and enjoy. He is holding me "close to his heart". I am so glad He loves me in such a grand way.

May He hold you close to His heart as you continue to run this race!
Under His wings,

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