Friday, August 6, 2010

Drama Queen

Let me tell you folks. I am NOT being a drama Queen here. I just want you to know that International adoption is NOT for wimps. And that is what I think I am. A big wimp. But wait?! ITS DONE!!!! WE did it! Maybe, just maybe I am not a wimp. Or maybe I really am.... but God in me did it. Yeah, thats what it is! Those last weeks without Paul there I think I cried once a day. (Im serious) It just wasnt fun anymore. I didnt want to see anything or do anything fun because he wasnt there to enjoy it with us. Now I will tell you that him leaving was a very good thing. Grace and I needed some time without the big ole teddy bear there....... I mean reallly??? Why do I have to be the bad guy? It seems like this is the way it will be with child number four. She adores him. And really..... I do have to say he is pretty incredible. So it was good for Santa Claus to be on his merry way...... ;) wink wink.

But once he left thigs got hard. LONG waits in offices to fill out documents that were in Spanish with a lawyer that spoke Spanish. Getting odd looks from the people. This white American proudly escorting this child with Down Syndrome around like she was the queen of England. Days and days of this.

To sob in the driveway with Marco, and Andrea...... I had met family while I was there.They were just letting us stay in their apartment. Or so we all thought. But it was so much more. They became like family to us..... Good byes are so hard.

We get to the airport 3 hours early. Go get the ticket stuff handled and bags checked in, go pay the exit tax. Man, this is easy I thought to self. Headed up to was nine. Only been there about 30 mins. Yay! Then everything came to a screeching halt. The man keeps thumbing through the documents telling me they arent done correctly. 30 min later he pulls someone out of the line to interpret. Informs me that no, he wont use his phone to call my lawyer. (I left mine with apt mate since I wouldnt need it stateside?!) The nice gentleman uses his and explains the situation. She is on her way. Then two more officials come to help. ( I wont tell you the "how many Ecuadorian immigration officials does it take joke....." ha ha) the woman was actually rude and kept insisting that we werent leaving the country and when I mentioned that my lawyer was on her way she got even nastier. "when did you call her? Nine-thirty? That was 30 mins ago. You really think she is coming? We will see if you have enough time once she gets here." by then I am sobbing. Our lawyer gets there and they arent letting her past the checkpoint without a ticket. I tell them to go let her through. They do and lead her to the counter ranting and waving her legal handbook in the air. It took about 30 mins and two more phone calls for them to talk to God-knows- who. (remember I barely speak spanish) WALA! its done. They apologize and she actually has the gall to thell them not to worry about it and no problem! HA! Yeah! they OWE ME HUGE APOLOGIES!(insists the self righteous American) They hurt my feelings! They caused me emotional distress! They taunted me! Oh, yeah, this isnt America is it? RIghts? What rights?? Eric and I go to the restroom and then have to go through security. We now have only an hour till our flight leaves. We get to the area where you wait for your plane in record time. Im looking for an empty chair to wait, a guard walks over, "Are you Anna W_____?" Yes. Okay, we need you to come with us. REALLY?! YOU HAVE GOT TO BE JOKING ME? I know I mustve looked like a nutcase as tears start rolling down my face and I wonder what I have done now....... my suitcase had "randomly been chosen to be searched for drugs." REALLY???? I leave Eric with GRace by the door so they can make a quick escae if I dont return! (ha ha) m escorted down two flights of stairs, wheezing and coughing, to an outside area for my suitcase to be sorted through bit by bit.... how embarassing. Then I get sent on my way. Get to the waiting area just in time to be told they were boarding the airplane. We get to be first since Grace is "disabled".
Ladies and Gentlemen.
I am a Baby.
I am a wimp.
I confess.... this is all true and we are now home safe and sound in our litte home on the little road........

Just excuse me if I seem a little off.
It might take some time for all of it to become more of a memory.
A few more days of sweet little G surprises........

Walking around the corner to see her dancing like a ballerina in the hallway to a praise song on the radio in one of the dresses that her mommy made for her over year ago...... just took my breath away. THere wasnt time to get a piture so I made a mental one. It was all SO WORTH IT! Oh my sweet Jesus She is SO SO worth it! I am so thankful to be her mommy.Remember, we all have an adoption story. He chose us, her persued us, He hung on a cross so we could have HIS NAME! We get to live in His BIG house, with our eternal family.......

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