Thursday, August 19, 2010

Girl time

As you can see Grace only took 3 days to get used to the Dogs! Thank you Lord!!!! She was TERRIFIED of dogs in Ecuador.

Grace "helping" Paul change the bulbs in the kitchen light.
I recieved a phone call from a friend that has "been there" for me for quite awhile. Weve raised our kids together through high school and beyond. She wanted to meet Gracie and had a "package". Little did I know it would be like Santa Claus arrived. She saw that BIG pink bag and did her happy dance.(I was a little embarassed) Cute, special things for a sweet little girl. A baby doll that speaks english AND spanish. The most awesome drum that plays in English and spanish by leap frog, some squishy blocks that can be played with in the tub or not.... very tactile too. Rubber ducks for the tub, dora blanket and dora socks..... I commented that it was ALOT! (she reminded me that she had two years to prepare.... ha ha) We went out and had chick-fil-a and I thoroughly enjoyed the talking and laughing. It felt good to be out and about. She used to work with adults with special needs, she has done substitute teaching and worked in audiology. It was nice to get a few more pointers, reassurance and ramble about my concerns.

Ive gotten a few of these sorts of check-ups.Girlfriends wanting to "do lunch". A phone call at just the right moment to remind me to stop and smell the roses. Friends that Ive never met just sending an e-mail to ask how we are doing. Reassurance that its all "normal". Ladies.... thank you. Its funny how I thought I knew how to do this mommy thing and, well, being 40-something and Grace's special ness has taken my "I can do this" mentality and thrown it right out the window! So much that I "know" has been shaken up and stirred around and I feel like I did when I brought my other little ones home from the hospital. SO TIRED, remembering to potty every 2 hours, trying to keep on top of the laundry, cooking and cleaning, and feeling like I have to spend every waking moment sitting and playing with her, educating her, making sure she isnt lonely and getting into mischief. Yes, this may come as a shock to you. this little cutie pie has a um.... shall we say independant, adventuresome, defiant streak! (yes, just because she has Down Syndrome doesnt change the fact that she is a typical toddler. Down syndrome just means instead of saying no or re- explaining in appropriate behavior may take 100 times instead of 10!Sigh.... "Mommy isnt here so I can throw my toys, slam things against the mirror, jump on the bed, screech at the top of my lungs and top it off she fake sneezes for attention- after our 8 weeks in Ecuador sick you have to see it to believe it! AND she fake belches- this is what I woke up to at 6:30 am yesterday.( yall do remember I am not a morning person right?!) REALLY pushes me over the edge in a hurry! its not some lady-like burp of air. OOOOHHH Nooooooo she imitates her hero- her papa. If you know Paul you are probably rolling on the floor right now. I mean REALLY?! Not just one of him but TWO! "A", my daughter reassured me that I was able to teach THEM it wasnt acceptable so i will be able to with her. I am having some serious doubts...... Little G and I have SOOOOO much to learn together!( REALLY I HAVENT BEEN PRAYING FOR PATIENCE!!!!I promise!)

(And for those of you who arent Gator fans I hate to say shes learned something new: The gator chomp! GO GATORS!)
I dont know why I didnt expect the overwhelming feelings of imperfection and fatigue to wash over me like I have. But I remain thankful that we are at the end of that( out of country) part of the journey and that God goes before us and prepares the way. This part of our journey has made us strong in many ways that will be useful along the way, as we continue to run the race set before us.

I just want to be a reflection of Him and his love.

I remain,
Under His wings,

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  1. Just catching hearing about how it has been going for real. Just remember-'s all good :) She is such a doll.


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