Friday, August 13, 2010

Sign language

You know me, Im going to have to talk this out..... THEN post the list of the words Gracie knows. Im jumping right in and not beating around the bush. Gracie is so smart and she has SO MUCH to say! At four and a half she is ready, past ready, to communicate. She likes having a way to express her needs, wants, desires. Mostly her signs have to do with food. ;) But food is important to a growing girl! (plus alot of the signs on her video are about food and eating.) I am seeing how the sign language and possibly being able to see better, is leadng to her actually vocalizing. She said her first word- clearly. I just about fell on the floor. Apple. it sounds like Aah-ble. But so clear! She does a little dance when I put the signing time video number three in and says "Apple apple!".
Ive been wondering..... why does this bring tears to my eyes each time I think about it? When I made up the list of words a few days ago I just sat and cried. Is it because she had to wait so long? Is it because I am so thankful that she is able to learn, a relief? Is it because as the weeks tick by she is becoming a different child???? So many deep emotions over watching this sweet child learn how to communicate. Only God knows why we had to wait so long to bring Gracie home. He has all the answers and I trust him. He knows whats best and I dont need answers. He doesnt have to explain himself to me..... He is God.
I am just so thankful that I have a part.
A small part in the big scheme of things.
I can make a difference,
loving can change the world........

without further ado....

Gracies list of signs:
1.Mommy *
2.Daddy *
3.Ashley (fist, "letter a" brushing side of face like the "girl" sign)
4.Eat (coma)
5.More (mas)she says Maaaa*
6.All gone/no more (no mas)
7.Cookie (sp? Ca-je-tah)*
10.Juice( hoo-go)
11.water (augua- she says Wa wa)*
12.Milk (Leche)
13.please (por fa-vor)
14.Thank you (gracias)
15.sleepy/tired (dormir, con-swain-ya)hands together like praying on side of face. (carro- ca-jo with a rolled r/ j sound)
17.Airplane (avion)
18.Apple * (perro)
20. cat (gato)
21. Bird (bahajaros, bah-ha-rrros)
22.bread (pan)
23. Shoes(zappatos)
24. Potty(el bano, el ban-yo)
25. baby
26.full (geno I dont know how to spell this I know its actually a double l which makes the g/j sound)

She says "tickle tickle" very deeply and wiggles her fingers in the air when she wants to be tickled!

She holds her hand out for your to "give me 5" "Dame cinco".

If you sing Jesus loves me she claps in time like she knows it but just cant sing it.

She knows patty cake.

She comprehends ALOT:
some helpful commands are:

"Come here" with open arms.
No tah-kay: "no touching"
To tah-kay peh-low: "no touching hair"
No bo-ca pelow: "no mouth in hair"
nite nite
no lingua: "no tongue" or Lingua el dentro (commands to put her tongue away)
dame: "give me"
see-in-te-tay: "sit"
Manos kee-er-tas: "quiet hands" teling her to fold her hands in her lap
Un beso: A kiss
en brazo: enbrace, hug

Yes, you are seeing right. This is Gracie making a fashion statement wearing the dogs dish on her head!
I remain,
Under His wings,


  1. I'd cry too...what a beautiful gift communication is! SO glad God is giving it to you and Grace to share ;-)

  2. Thanks for finding me blog! I had no idea that the Deedah people knew I posted about their movie. Very fun!

    Gracie is just adorable and learning so much so fast! I can't wait to watch you guys learn more together! Congrats on your new addition!

  3. Hi Anna!

    Thank you for visiting and following my blog. Grace is absolutely beautiful and smart!

    We use ASL with Gabriel. We started when he was 18 months old and it really helped him to say what he needed to say. One of the most helpful tools for communication was his sight cards.

    We bought a deck of ASL cards, Baby Einstein picture cards and then I made printed word cards. He soaked those up and he could sign most of them by three.

    Our kids are great visual learners -- the potential to teach them everything is as HIGH as the stars. :)

    Gabriel "graduated" Junior Kindergarten past June. He was one of the only two children in his class that actually read. Over July and August, he has mastered many of his beloved Robert Munsch books. It's truly moving for both Terry (his dad) and myself. Literacy for our children opens so many more doors!

    Anyway, I am looking forward to reading about Gracie's journey. I have a suspicion it is going to be wondrous and astounding!



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