Tuesday, May 15, 2012

"fun Hangover " Day 2

            Id really like to be moving quicker than I am.
I thot Id share the photos I took of the rehearsal dinner.
I apologize for the quality.
I still have so much to get done on the down hill end.....
there are tablecloths to find and wash to get back to the church.
(The Brides family ran out of table cloths and we improvised with the ones from the rehearsal dinner.)
So the table cloths are at the brides mothers house.
then all the beautiful things we borrowed from the florist and event planner.
They are at their house too......

A truckload- literally
I was so tired by 6pm on the wedding day that we just said our goodbyes
got in our truck
and went home.

The brides family was left with the  all clean up
I felt horrible about that
but there wasnt much more I could do.

I decided to have a country buffet dinner.
the rehearsal dinner was simple
but nice.
The food was incredible.

 I am thankful for family and friends that quickly lent a hand those three days
doing tasks I thought I could do.

 For some reason I lost my Superwoman outfit
in the midst of the chaos.
So many things didnt get done,
things I spent time making didnt get used.
But I am savoring all the goodness
and treasuring all the wonderful parts in my heart.

Today I am still sore
my body feels like I have been beaten with a bat
Ive called my Dr and they will see me at 2:30 tomorrow
Ive had a list of blood work and tests she has wanted to run
maybe a year ago by now.
I havent been able to bring myself to a place where I want a diagnosis.
There may not even be one for that matter.
But I think tomorrow would be a good day to wake up
put "my Big girl Panties on"
and at least let them do the bloodwork.
Baby steps.

I think I will ask for a B12 shot while I am in there.
This feels pretty durn close to what I felt like when I was recovering from Lyme Disease in 2006.
I know I have had allergies/ bad cough for 6 almost 7 weeks now and think I have pushed the envelope.
Today is Dance class and I will find a chair to sit and watch my lil G do her favorite thing.

I remain,
Under His wings,

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  1. I love the country buffet dinner idea! Looks delicious and everything looks so pretty!!


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