Thursday, May 17, 2012

Fun hangover continued.....

Hi friends,
 I hope this week finds you doing well.
Im praying Im on the mend finally.
Yesterday I went to my Dr appt and was there for over 2 hours.
The sad part is that I did take up a lot of the Drs time.
Not much of it was spent waiting.
She ended up researching my history to figure out when I have done this each year,
what antibiotics were used
  how many times theyve put me on steroids.
I didnt like this Nurse practitioner the first time I saw her
but Im allowed to change my mind.
 I  liked that she didnt just prescribe the typical meds
then shuttle me quickly out the door.
She noticed a spot on my arm that I have been nursing for over 8 months.
(It looked like a wart to me)
I figured if they didnt biopsy it then 
I would spend the next two weeks fretting about the procedure.

She put me on all the necessary meds
 to get my allergies/ asthma under control

(I felt like I was buying everything in the pharmacy!)
  I should be feeling much better in 5 days or less
I was told to get plenty of rest.
I can do that.
Still feeling like Ive been beaten with a bat.

Im sure it doesnt help to come home from the wedding to find
Lil Gs closet and room carpet flooded
thankfully it was the A/c drain clogged
I steam cleaned her carpets Monday
we ran the dehumidifier but it wasnt getting it dried quickly enough
I was able to load her closet yesterday.
Used that time to put the rest of the long sleeves in donate or storage piles.
Put more toys in the closet......

Does anyone have any ideas about the process of unloading toys because of the process
not actually playing with them
but dumping
within reach
just cuz?

She does a perfect job cleaning it when told.

Its just super annoying.
especially when you want to put a pr of shoes or socks on
 and cant find them-
and end up taking 15 mins on a wedding day
15 minutes you dont have
only to give up and put Sunday socks on
instead of the special ruffled wedding socks.
Right now Im putting baskets of toys in her closet
under the guise of "rotating the toys".
that way there arent as many.

Im just so tired......
My oldest helped with cooking Dinner last night thankfully
if itd been up to me Id have just crawled into bed without eating,
just one foot in front of the other.

Under His wings,


  1. I am sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. Praying for rest and healing!

  2. I think there is something out there these days... I know so many people who have gotten sick and just.not. recuped.
    I for one feel like this was a bad winter for if they grew steam with the mild winter or something.
    I keep telling my husband how hard it is to bounce back. but enough about that.

    these wedding pics and decorations and dinners are so well done! you should be so proud...of everything.

  3. I wonder if my other comment didn't go through?
    either way...
    Great job and I love all of your hard need to take a break...just take it easy and allow yourself to bounce back.

  4. Hoping you are feeling better very soon! And the carpet dries up, oh, that's such a bummer to find flooding in the closet. Yep, we 'rotate' toys, too...sometimes they are permanently rotated right out the door. :) May you get some much needed rest this week!

  5. Praying you feel better soon! I get "fun hangovers" too--takes me a while to recover from anything more exciting than the basic routine. Hope you have a restful weekend and find lots of inspiration--so glad you're part of my community too! :)

  6. Hope you feel 100% soon! The toy dilemma is a never ending saga in this house.

  7. I don't know about the dumping but just to say they outgrow it? Gess wouldn't actually "dump" them. She would sit on top of her toy box and pick up toys one by one and throw them out. She would even play with some of them before doing it. It could take her 30 minutes or more to "unload" the box but she had a great time doing it. At least your G is good about cleaning up too. Sorry you had such a rough day and I hope you are feeling better really soon!


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