Thursday, June 7, 2012

Yarn along and a book review - or two!

 I am hoping that pretty soon I will have my mojo back.
Like, back for reals.
I havent been able to get with the program 
since the wedding,
and family emergency trip, 
and sons graduation....

I have so many things on my list of 
"to do's"
but Im barely hanging on by a thread.
Getting some reading,
and knittng,
housework and cooking,
and playing.....
lots of playing
done around here.
But thats about it.
blogging has fallen way down on my list of importance.

I usually link up with Ginny on Wednesdays
for Yarn Along, and sharing what I've been knitting and reading.
Much to my amazement its Thursday already!!!
That means tomorrow is Friday....
I was linking up for "whats in my studio" on Fridays.
I will have to see if I have anything to share.
I do have wedding tidbits Ive been wanting to share with yall
plus Ive gotten some really nice photos taken with the new camera.
So stay tuned. I might actually post two days in a row......

Ive cast on for the Pamela's blanket.
The pattern is on Ravelry and was created by our Room mate while we stayed in Ecuador.
Kinda ironic that I know of two babies being born between now and Christmas
and I pulled this out from while we were in Ecuador.
Two years ago today we were on a plane headed to Ecuador from Atlanta.
Two years ago tomorrow we met our Little G for the first time.
I know.......
doesnt seem possible does it???
Lets move on before I get all mushy.......

Id also  like to share photos of the Shawl I cast off last week.
I named it my "Stained Glass Shawl"
The pattern is free on Ravelry and called Berger de perse
I was able to block it out on Friday and share it at knitting group on Saturday.
Im pleased with it- its a miracle that its finally done.
With the wedding I can only giggle that I started it in January.
Isnt my oldest daughter a beautiful shawl model......

Part of linking up with Ginny is telling about the books we are reading.
I like to save this time for the book reviews I need to do.
I read "The Fiddler" by Beverly Lewis this past weekend. 
I had it read in three days.(it woulve been less if I hadnt had other things on my plate too!)
I was so excited to get chosen by Bethany Publishers to review this book.
I had seen that Beverly Lewis had a new book soon to be released but knew the chances of reviewing it were slim to none. Ive read many of her books and love her easy style of writing.
This book did not disappoint me.If I was to nitpick it to death I would say that I didnt like how everything was "neatly tied with a bow" at the end. I felt disappointed after reading the story that many of the bigger points of interest were worked out in the authors mind and we were given an overview at the end.
I did however  enjoy that the author took two young adults of totally different cultures
 and pointed out similarities.
Since I have children in this phase of life I am already trying to remember what it felt like to be wrestling with faith I was raised with, and how it was going to be part of my life. How was I going to do this respectfully?How is the advice of other adults in my life going to affect the choices I am making? Will I choose college or careers that I feel led to pursue or let others opinions sway me?  I enjoyed seeing how the characters worked through these thoughts and feelings while I am in the midst of watching my own young adults do the same thing. Of course there was romance thrown in there for good measure but I wont give away any of the plot so you can read it for yourself! I will give this 4 out of 5 stars on my rating scale. 

The other book I read recently was "Chasing the Sun" by Tracie Peterson. I have read several of Tracie Peterson's books in the past few years. I was glad to be given the chance to read this book as well. I enjoyed that this story was written from the standpoint of a son having to "choose sides" in the Civil War- I have not read many stories written from the view of a Texan during that time period and found it very interesting.. I enjoyed the Characters and the plot- who can resist the thoughts of a young woman being transplanted to a different state, left to fend for herself and her two younger siblings? I thought the author did a good job of having protagonists and conflict that was woven through the story. I was surprised by the ending though since I knew that this was part of a series, I thought that she would have left some loose ends to carry over leaving us in anticipation waiting for the next book in the series to be published.  If you like a good Historical novel you might enjoy this one. I am giving "Chasing the Sun" 4 out of 5 stars.

Id like to close by thanking Bethany House publishers for the opportunity to review these two books.The thoughts and opinions written here are completely my own. I was not given any compensation for writing these reviews,only sent a copy for review purposes.

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