Saturday, June 9, 2012

A real frog strangler

We have had fun today.
 A gully washer. 
 My husband calls them, " frog stranglers." 
13.13inches in one day.
 I stayed home, 
Watched Olivia the pig-
with a cute little someone of course!
Listened to the  Dogs whine and cry at the thunder and lightning
 Husband went to town to work out at the gym and get dog food.
 Let's just say he come home telling me knitting was cancelled.
 In my little VW Jetta we'd have needed a tow truck for sure.
 I stayed home and knit on my baby blanket and doodled In one of my new sketchbooks.
 Was a great day.
 If you'd like to waste some time you can go to our newspaper link to see photos sent in by locals.
 Mind boggling to see places you know under several feet of water.

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  1. Oh my goodness that is crazy rain! I mean, I love me a good rainy day, but that is just too much! :)


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