Tuesday, June 12, 2012

After the rain

Rain is grace; 

rain is the sky condescending to the earth;

without rain, there would be no life. 

               -John Updike 

its rained here for 3 days.
lots of rain.
and flooding.
It was nice to get outside
(even tho it was like a sauna).
these two pictures prove it.
this is what happens when your camera lens fogs up.
I really love the happy accident.

Every dewdrop and raindrop
had a whole heaven within it.
                      -Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

I am crazy for hydrangeas.
I was so excited to get out and see what colors they were.
look at the incredible purple spots.

This red/ pink was a clearance hydrangea.
I cant wait to nurture it 
and see the show it puts on in the years to come.
Eventually I will have plants everywhere.
On a limited budget,
plus having a brown thumb.
It takes time......

My wisteria even decided
 to sprout a few surprise blooms

I woke in the night and remembered this photo.
This is going on my list of faves.

this is just beautiful,
I love what the sunbeam was doing here.....

I didnt edit/crop any of these......
they were taken on my point n shoot.
Cant wait to take classes with my new camera.
(I didnt want to get it out in the damp drizzle)

I know these photos after the rain 
might not seem "beautiful or glorious"
to the rest of us.....
But for a young man
 thats worked for what seems like forever to him
it is......
and to the mommy-person that has shared her car.
It is.....
so happy he has his first set of wheels.
(I'm not sure if he liked the fact that I called it cute?!)

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  1. Sorry I've been so absent this week!! Loooove the ladybug picture - beautiful! And that truck *is* cute!!


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