Friday, June 8, 2012

Two years ago today

Two years ago today,
We were in Quito, Ecuador.

 Two years ago today
I woke with the excitement you feel when becoming a mother again
 No matter if its number one or number four....

 Two years ago today we paced the floors
 waiting for the moment.

 Two years ago today
 we arrived at the most beautiful orphanage,
Our little ones first home.

Two years ago today,
 My husband whispered in my ear,
"I think that's her playing on the playground"
As we sat in an office talking with the psychologist.

 Two years ago today
 we met the most beautiful little four and a half year old spitfire,
She ran into her papas arms-ready to wrap him around her little finger.
Then immediately to her brother, ever willing to use her feminine charms on the menfolk.

(Welcome- Mama and Papa!) 

(lil G and Papa )

(Lil G and brother- see your family. The people in the photos are real! 
No more waiting, your family is here!)

(dedication photos)

(with big sister)

(Lil G and Papa)

 Two years ago today
 we started on a beautiful journey,
 Learning all about grace -
 with a little g and a big G.


  1. What a blessing! What is the proper happy/anniversary blessing you leave for such an event? Whatever is, you have our best wishes! And as for advice feel free to write/contact me anytime about it. I have links to my personal FB and twitter accounts too if that's any easier for you.

  2. TWO YEARS?!? It's been two years? Wow! Congratulations!


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