Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Yarn along

I look forward to Wednesdays,
Such sweet ladies sharing what they are reading and knitting.
Surprisingly I'm not reviewing a book right now!
We've been in the midst of preparing for Lil G s IEP
It's actually called a service plan for drop in services since she is a private schooled student.
I was pleased with the meeting last week.
She had her first Occupational Therapy appointment yesterday.
I am assuming there is always an adjustment period!
She was awful.

I am thankful for my knitting right now.
I used Jared Floods Wool leaves baby blanket pattern to knit a wrap.
It will be slow going but I do have the pattern memorized which is a bonus. (For those of you that aren't knitters I have cute photos of lil G enjoying her pocket. Silly girl.

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  1. Ohhhh I'm a knitter too and I LOVE Ginny's blog!!

    I wished you lived closer!! I need playdates with like minded Moms!

    Kim :)


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