Friday, April 15, 2011


There is not much to say.
You can read my last post.
Know that right now,
in the hard places:
God is ever present.
Each day he has revealed himself....
as only He can.
In romantic
lover-ly ways.
I am so glad that I can trust Him
with my heart.

Under His wings,


  1. Sending you love my friend in the silence.

    Did you get the invite to the private blog?Should be in your email.

    don't know how you feel about tattoos but .. my daughter Taylor has the verse from your last post on the side of her rib cage.Well at least up until "weakness".

    Prayers coming your way along with that love.

  2. I am oh so grateful that in deep silence and solitude I learned to trust deeply. God alone holds your heart and counts your tears and knows them as prayer of your heart.


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