Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Teacher and mother

Some of you that know me personally, know we homeschooled our three oldest children. Still one year left with the "once youngest" and now, "one of the middle brothers". (he was glad to give the title of baby brother up let me tell you!!!!) This adoption has refined bits and pieces of me. Places in my faith that needed to be tweaked here and there...... now that she is home, seeing my gifts and things I count as Joy being used in their fullest.

Little G will be staying home with me for another year. She and I have had alot of learning to do since she came home with us in August. Its been hard. But very very good. I can see progress daily and thrill at being the one to be teaching her these things.

She has actually been stepping off the step on the front porch without holding a hand. HUGE for her. For so long she couldnt see. She couldnt see what was an actual step or just a change in texture on the ground. She felt she needed a hand to to it. But we started showing her a few months ago that she could now take that step without holding on. Encouraging along the way, holding the hand when she just couldnt find the courage. The past three days she has done it without encouragement, like it was natural to just step down off the porch onto the walkway.

She has also learned so many new signs in the past week or two. I have to add to my tally. I know its close to over 250 words now. Pretty soon I am going to need to find someone to hold our hand, not literally of course, and teach us new words. Little G has so much to say. My heart swells so that it hurts to be in my chest when I think of where she was..... and where we are now.

I have discussed many of my felings and thoughts with my oldest daughter. She will get her degree soon in special Ed and has been working hard with teachers and special students...... she is good to hear me out and then let me find my way. Sometimes a word or two in assurance. I am a teacher. I love to be the one that teaches my children to read, words that are so important to me. I love being the one teaching my little ones about color and seeing God...... Im not so good with Math but I love when a new concept clicks.

So, even though I really dont see homeschooling on my radar for little G and I for the long haul. Please give me some grace and allow me the same joys that I had with my first three. Im not saying I feel equiped to do this for her whole education I NEED to continue teaching her and learning with her for a little while longer...... I have waited so long to hold her, sing with her, teach her the things that really matter in life. I cannot let someone else take that role in her life just yet.

Here are photos of me teaching her to drink milk out of her bowl after eating all the cereal. A very important thing to learn dont you agree?!:


  1. I love it! I'm so glad to hear (read) how many things Grace is learning! You're doing a wonderful job :)

  2. just as much as you have a need to be the one to teach grace she too has a need of you to teach her. you are both doing a great job together (can you see me signing together?!) my prayer is that you can see/tell that i am extending you all the grace (with a little "g") that you need and desire...

    thanks so much for allowing me to be just a small part of this journey!

  3. So sweet! Grace is so very, very blessed to have her forever mommy to teach her! Love you both!

  4. What a wonderful thing the two of you are doing! I still can't get my kids to drink all the milk...


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