Monday, April 18, 2011

you need to see this

Ive tried taking a video of little G doing her happy dance when Papa comes home from work in the evening. Its beautiful. She also does the happy dance for Big sister, big brothers, and now Mama. I was the last on the list..... but I choose to think what Oldest sister said as the Truth, "Mom you have to go away, and then come back, to get the happy dance." She is so wise. In a week, oldest sister turns 23. Time marches on. I know this video isnt the greatest either, Hope you enjoy anyhoo.....


  1. Oh my gosh.That is so absolutely precious.Love the way that papa scoops her up in his arms.Made me smile.

  2. Oh she is so beautiful in her happiness. Everybody should have a dancing greeting, you are right. I'm glad you got to have it too.

    My dogs started our wiggles dance...but I admit I dance out of joy often with our girls.

  3. such true joy and happiness! love the happy dance but i do believe i love the little girl even more!!

  4. Thank you for bringing a tearful joy to my heart tonight. I really needed it. I'm having a hard time right now. Marriage not well. Used your beautiful cards as my daugter's birthday "thank yous". Thank you for that too. Abrazos, Lisandra.


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