Friday, January 18, 2013

A few grace filled moments

Lil G had a big day.
We were glad to be able to attend ladies bible study.
We haven't been studying the Bible per-se
The book is called "unglued" by Lisa Tyrkhurst.
A slow starter but filled with awesome helps for mamas
Burning the candle at both ends -on the verge of "loosing it" daily.
Today was the last day for that study........
I was touched when Lil G did her happy dance as we got out of the car
and headed up the sidewalk.

From there we went to get her new glasses.
I can't say enough about the awesome staff at our optometrist office.

Then we grabbed lunch and headed to ballet.
Happy dance number two.
She was pretty difficult.
Used up about every ounce of patience I had left.
But as her dance teacher said,
"we are all allowed to have a bad day every now and again. Today is her day."
Here are photos of her in her new red Silhouette glasses and an unexpected nap.
She quit moving for a few minutes and it was like someone flipped the switch!
You could count the number of times I've held her while she slept on one hand.
An unexpected blessing for today.


  1. Aaww...glad you got to go to your Bible study. I liked that book- I think it helped me a bunch. Sounds like she has a great ballet teacher- a blessing. ~Jennifer

    1. Yes Jennifer. Her ballet teacher is a blessing. She actually let my daughter help her teach this age when my daughter was 12ish. We have "history" which is always nice.


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