Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A retirement party and Christmas Eve- what do they have in common?

"I think it is more important to celebrate a birthday than a successful exam, a promotion, or a victory. Because to celebrate a birthday means to say to someone: Thank you for being you. Celebrating a birthday is exalting life and being glad for it. On a birthday we do not say: Thanks for what you did, or said, or accomplished. No, we say: Thank you for being born and being among us.
Henri  Nouwen, Here and Now   

A month  ago, Lil  G and I went to a retirement party with papa
The lady we were celebrating has a special place in our hearts.
She asked about our adoption quite regularly, She really cared.
She was diagnosed with a brain tumor 
and was under going surgery and chemo 
when we finally got the go ahead to travel to Ecuador.
She didn't think she would ever get to meet Our Lil G in person.
When papa told us about the tumor returning back in the Fall
 I didn't really think twice about it.
We knew it was not if it would return, 
but when, with this kind of tumor.
I just had no idea it would be terminal.

"The best Chief to work with." as Miss Liz calls him, 
sometimes forgets that mama isn't in the loop.
I had no idea the retirement party was a rush job,
 this party might be the last time Lil G and I get to see her
 this side of eternity,
Until we were sitting there laughing and enjoying friends
Waiting for Miss Liz to arrive.

I also had no idea,
Miss Liz and lil G now have something in common.
Miss Liz lost her vision in one eye during the last surgery,
And most of her vision in the other eye, 
 Miss Liz and Lil G are both legally blind.

Near the end of the party, Everything had gotten quiet 
 I felt it was time for Lil G and I to go say hi.
Time for lil G to share a hug or two.
 I prayed real hard before we went up.
Sometimes situations like this have unexpected results,
 lil G might yell "Nooooooo!" At the top of her lungs, 
she might even backhand someone if she is put in a stressful situation, 
Much to my horror.
I am learning to not take it personally.
It is not a reflection on my parenting skills. 

As we sat with Liz her daughter took some photos 
 Lil G warmed up to the situation. 
She kept signing "happy birthday" over and over.
 I finally mustered up the courage to sing happy birthday to Liz with Lil G.
In front of a crowd of people.....
 We barely caught our breath before Lil G was  begging to sing Jesus Loves me. 
 Liz wept.
 On our ride home with Papa we talked abut what happened ,
 it seems he wasn't in the room.
 He told me about how Liz has felt like she is being punished. 
That she is sick because she did something wrong.
She feels like God is angry with her.
 I am hopeful that somehow a few songs sung by an innocent child has a way of healing the hurt. 
That she knows she is loved. 
Her life has meaning and a purpose.

Fast forward to Christmas Eve. 
The service is over, the candles have been passed out 
and Lil G keeps signing"Happy Birthday" over and over. 
We are singing a traditional Christmas Hymn 
and Im choked up. 
I lean over and assure her, 
"yes lil G. It is a happy birthday." I say
" We are celebrating Jesus' birthday." 
The hymn ends and the pastor pauses,
God sneaks up on me
 "I want to do something a little different, 
lets sing Happy Birthday. 
After all..... It is our Saviors birthday we are celebrating." 
What a moment........

I know this is a little late.
I hope you don't mind me posting it.
We've been having some technical difficulties .......

Happy New Year!

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  1. Precious. What a precious and beautiful story. Two wonderful celebrations of births! So happy you shared, Anna. Love the photos too!


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