Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Visual Impairment and Blindness- my current perspective

I'm taking time away from playing with my precious girl,
And making phone calls and typing emails on her behalf.
I wanted to write a few minutes about what things "look like".
You know, Lil G was blind with her glasses on LONG before we knew.
This is really no big deal for her.
But it looks differently from this side.
Since Lil G is enrolled in a private school
It makes things very complicated.
It feels like the public school system likes it to be complicated.
I understand there are laws, processes, ways to do things.
It just doesn't make sense that it should be this hard for a child to get the visual aids
Needed to learn
Some pre Braille materials and therapies.
Even the division of blind services has nothing to offer.
I met with another agency last week and they have promised to advocate,
they are shocked at the roadblocks we have faced.
"It's all done through the public school system."
Each day I am giving up hours of my day,
To make phone calls and send emails.
It doesn't make sense.

We went to Emory pediatric opthamologist a little over a week ago.
Thankfully they corrected the forms.
The Dr didn't understand why her corrected vision was written wrong.
Without the correct numbers we can't get help,
"It's only the difference I one line on the reading chart." She commented.
(It's not my fault that is where the line is drawn to define legal blindness.)
We have surgery scheduled for Mid February.
I keep reassuring myself that her whole kindergarten year isn't going to be a wash.
None of this mess is changing what is going on. We are still very busy learning.
I am wondering if the people on the other side of the equation even think I would consider doing things their way after being treated this way by their system?
You know what the answer would be if I was asked right now,
At this very moment.


  1. Oh, it's just so unfair that you have to jump through their hoops at Grace's expense. So unfair. And precious time away from her is precious time wasted. I'm so sorry. I hope the surgery helps, hope the services can be implemented quickly so as not to waste or lose any other precious time. (((hugs)))

  2. I'm so sorry these battles are so hard :( I can't understand exactly THIS battle, but I do understand how hard it must be from experiencing our battles. It's hard.


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