Saturday, June 7, 2014

A book review- knitting reimagined

I was so excited to receive a copy of Nicky Epstien's new book. 
I own one of her books already and have purchased others as gifts. 
As a seasoned knitter I appreciate the thought that went into this book.
 The patterns are clearly written and have good diagrams 
to explain innovating ideas for construction, 
with both charts and written directions to suit anyone's knitting preference. 
The author also categorized the patterns in chapters based on each construction method.
 I enjoyed the way each pattern had a thorough introduction,
 it not only listed the typical information about needle and yarn requirements,
 but also had skill level and an idea of how much time the garment would take an average knitter to make. 
My absolute favorite part is how the author tells how you can reimagine
 or reinvent the garment to suit your tastes. 
The book includes patterns for small to x Large sizes 
and also has patterns for all skill levels. 
It is frustrating when purchasing a pattern book 
to have patterns that are only for smaller sizes 
or that only have one or two patterns a novice knitter could try knitting.

        All that being said, when I am looking for a book to have on my bookshelf 
I am very ruthless and probably wouldn't care to own this one, 
reserving it to check out from the library or borrow from a friend. 
I would highly recommend anyone considering purchasing this book 
to find a copy at a local yarn or bookstore first. 
Many of the projects are " uniquely atypical" 
which was exactly what the author was trying to create. 
That being said, there are only four patterns that I would consider knitting out of 25. 

                               ( my two favorite projects)
Thankfully, there are enough suggestions and I have enough imagination 
to see potential in several others. 
I wish all of the patterns were more on the practical side, 
but we have many authors that are creating knitting projects like that right now.
 Kudos to Nicky Epstein for stepping outside the box in a brave fashion forward book. 

     Thank you to blogging for books, and potter craft books for the opportunity to review this book. This review is my personal opinion and I was in no way compensated for this review. 

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