Friday, June 6, 2014

Ink stains



                      ( my "studio" in shambles so creating on the couch)

If you were to visit my home today you would find.
In the middle of renovations/ repairs from the recent flood.
The remains of my tenth year old sons room are in the living room,
And homeschool room.
Drywall dust.
Paint swatches litter the desktop
Searching for just the right color.

The sewing machine piled high with brightly colored fabrics
A path through the piles
Piles of art studio misc 
So that sewing can be done.
You would find all the contents of the laundry room in the living area,
Because the washer is not working,
Since the washer and dryer stack and are in a small space,

The ink and calligraphy nibs with knitting projects and a quilt in progress
All piled high within reach.
Call me Someone with ADHD
I call myself an artist
Trying to survive the mayhem 
Floods and little ones seizures returning within days of one another
They may try to break me
But I know what lies within
I was born to create,
I was made to " see" with the eyes of my heart.

        ( quilt is done and someone is grouchy about getting out of bed!)



                                                Seeing beauty in the mess. 
                                 I guess the hydrangeas loved all the rain and water.........

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  1. Love it, Anna. Sometimes in the chaos, you just need to create! Praying for your little one. :)


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