Wednesday, July 21, 2010

a FULL day

While my new little darling is tucked in bed and settling in for a nights rest I need to type out all the events of today and a few from yesterday. Wink wink.
Last night while eating supper Grace used a new sign "full" I am so thankful for her signing time videos. She is learning so quickly. This is a huge step for her. When we visited the FUdrine they explained that they were trying to teach Grace to slow down when eating and to only eat until she was full. They were also trying to teach her that food is for nourishment, and another important thing, food can be shared. In an orphans life these are hard things to learn. ( and in all seriousness, in our own lives dont we need to learn these things. Oreos might make it feel better but really??? they are food.If I was to look to God for my nourishment and to feel better I would be alot thinner methinks)Back to last night, for her to sign "full" not only was huge because it was a new sign, but it meant that she is learning that there is a time when you can stop.... and food is still on the plate.... and that is okay!I had a lump in my throat and almost started crying. ALl day today I just kept thinking how big this really is. Its overwhelming to me. Not only have we given Grace sight with her new glasses but we are giving her words. Words are powerful. They can unlock doors for Grace.
Today I watched her play with her shadow and showed her something else. Her big sister sent a pinwheel and when the sun hits it just right it sends rays of light and rainbows on the wall. I just sat back and enjoyed her learning about cause and effect. I just sat taking pictures and watched... savoring her enjoyment over something so simple.
This afternoon a few of the people from our church visiting Ecuador to work with SIFAT joined us in visiting the orphanage. I am still processing all that happened. Grace did not want to be put down. She wasnt acting right and as I was processing it one of the young girls commented. "Ms Anna , Grace seems scared. Grace isnt acting like herself" As time went on she wouldnt go to the Tias. They held outstretched arms to her and she didnt want to be held or hugged by them. My hugging Kissing all over everyone child was aloof. She didnt interact with the other children either. Now there was one tia she went to to be held and another that bent down for her to hug on her own terms. Was just so odd. I really think she was afraid of being left or didnt want to get forgotten. Not that it was a bad place..... but maybe, just maybe she likes me? Maybe I will do in a pinch.

I now understand why they dont allow families to stay on the campus where the volunteers stay. It really is good for the children to be away and bond with their family.

Once we left the orphanage we drove to the hotel across town. We ate supper with the team and we were invited to devotion time. We listened to a few praise and worship songs and then the game began. What game you might ask.. "Pass the Grace" I am so serious. The chairs were in a circle and round and round she went. I got up after about 5 or 6 people held her and a dear friend said, " Anna share. Weve waited so long for this." The obedient person that I am.... I went back to my seat and almost had to sit on my hands! Round and round she went. Anout 30 people passing her from one to the next. I just sat and wept. Such contrast. To visit the orphanage, to watch her personality change so drastically. To think that she went from being an orphan to THIS. I kept worrying that she was being a distraction but she was an Attraction. My host family came with us to the orphanage and their daughter that is 22 joined me at the hotel for supper. She and I both started sobbing. We were both thinking the same thing. It was just overwhelming.

Of course when it came time to share two of them talked about Grace, the trip to the orphanage. I had to speak. God gives us a dream, a vision. No matter what the age it isnt too late! Follow Him. He created each one of us for a purpose, we are all beautiful. There is nothing that we can do to make him love us more. We are all adopted into the faith. He will not give up and quit chasing us, persuing our adoption. He wants each one of us to be part of the family. To rest in His love and peace.

What is your dream?
What is your passion????

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