Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I need to begin the post by letting you know that this new adventure in our life has just been so much more than I imagined.
Before we left for Ecuador I knew in my mind that I didnt want any expectations of Grace and her abilities. But lets be real for a moment. After approx two years there are expectations. Since I had set the bar so low I am dealing with a typical toddler and I didnt expect that!

Let me tell you a few of the things I love about Grace, my sweet Little G. And maybe a story or two.

- I love that she wakes up at 6am HAPPY..... the 6am part is hard for me. but her sweetness makes it tolerable.

-I love watching her dance. Grace can hear music of any Genre and she starts to boogie! And she can dance! Its so funny. (We are going to enroll her in some form of dance class when we get home.)

-I love her palms. If you have never seen someone with Down Syndrome up close let me explain. There are creases on your palm that are missing on Grace's. ;)

-She is spunky and determined. Right now that makes things challenging from time to time. I keep reminding myself that this is a GOOD thing. Grace HAS to be a fighter. If you were to watch her you would never know the lengths she has had to go to to get where she is developmentally. My friend read her perscription and what she said brought me to tears. But to watch little G youd never know it! She is a trooper.

- I love watching her "sign". She wiggles her fingers and makes the cutest noise that sounds like "tickle tickle" when she wants to be tickled. She waves her fist in the air to "potty". Just in the past few days she has gotten "more" perfected. and when she says all done you KNOW she means ALL DONE! (big swooping arms!)

- I love coloring with her and cant wait to get in the US. due to import fees plain old markers that we can buy for $1 when school starts are $5-$9. Just unbelievable!(I may ask daughter to send some with our church Missions team. She will be able to see those much better than the colored pencils I brought.

-I love how hard she works to dress herself. Not all the way there yet. But VERY close. Socks are hard for her. Holding them open wide enough for her foot to enter...

- I love when she belly laughs and her eyes squint up.

-I love how when you lie her down for a nap she falls asleep in less than 2 mins. NO LIE!!! No fussing or crying.

-I love that she cares. She makes sure no one is a stranger and even wants to kiss/hug someone that may seem stand-offish.....

_I love watching her eat a happy meal!

We were at the mall enjoying lunch the other day during the World Cup. Ecuadorians love their Football.....(soccer to us)Our of the blue the crowd of people that gathered to watch the game on the big screens in the food court let out a Whoop! It was so loud my hair stood on end. She was in Paul's lap and crouched real low. There was no way he couldve heard me over the racket so I pointed. He lifted her up and she was crying hysterically. I knew then I loved her and didnt need to worry about bonding with her. Tears were streaming down my face. She had never heard a crowd cheer before. how terrifying for her. I pray we get to enjoy many more "firsts" together.

Keep praying for our process. Weve hit a snag and I continue to lean on the Lord for strength and wisdom. Paul is afraid to share all the details since its all very political here. Lets just say the court lost her file. Not our adoption file but the file that proved her ablility to be adopted. it was filed in December of 2006 and will take weeks to re-do. Just say some prayers.

I will end with a phrase from the "Wizzard of Oz"

"theres no place like home.....Theres no place like home."
- Dorothy

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  1. Oh Anna, we will pray! May God move yet another mountain so that many more firsts can be experienced together. What a delightful post of love being lived out.


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