Friday, June 18, 2010

Why cant I be two places at once?

I learned of a death back in the States and it breaks my heart that I cant be two places at once! Don is the borther to my best friend from high school. Kim and I have kept in touch over the years and I wish I was there for her and her parents. Just horrible. I want to respect the family's privacy but ask you to pray for Don's family, wife sons and others......

We were invited to go to the Cinema to see "To train a dragon" I was able to catch the gist of it even tho it was in spaish. I want to highly recommend it to yall but I repeat I was watching the Spanish version. I wont ruin it for you but think of me when/ if you go see it and you will know why I sobbed at the end. I was holding a little one named Lesley and my husband held a little boy named Fabian all through the movie. What a treat. The sweet little ones at Fudrine are just precious and I am loving the teachers there as well. They have a passion for what they do and they do it with excellence. My little G has been so blessed.

As Ive mentioned before.
This was supposed to be a place to share what we are up to and pics. The picture part is just not happening so here is a link. I will do it this way for yall. ;) wink wink.

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  1. Praying for you, and Don's sorry. I am sure it is really hard. I can't imagine. PRAYING!!!


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