Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day Ten

Just wanted to tell you we have gotten three comments. One from the Orphanage," Grace looks younger". At the school, "Grace looks so happy!" and our apt room mate,"boy she sure seems at ease."

Gracie has adjusted to loving and being loved quite nicely.

Thank you for your prayers as we continued to proceed when it looked hopeless.
There are so many orphans. My heart swells when I see her sleeping with abandon.

Weve had technical difficulties and it wasnt what I planned. Getting pics on here requires bandwidth that we just dont have I guess.My son taught me how to put pics on albums on Facebook so even tho I am not crazy about it..... it has served a great purpose.

Today was our third day at school
Pappi and I are learning so much at school. ;)

Fudrine Mission Statement "FUDRINE mission is to provide an efficient service, with comprehensive support professionals who work with passion to contribute to a better quality of life of children and young people with physical disability and children with Down syndrome, to develop skills and include them into society, knowing their rights and duties."

Today we met Graces first "father".
There is a young man at the Fudrine school that earned our daughters love and trust a few years ago. David is twenty, he also attends the fudrine, I am not sure if he has CP or MS. They showed us several pictures of him with Gracie. He traveled to the US in the Fall and brought her a dress back as a gift. I am hoping that we have it when we return as a keepsake. I love the Fudrine school. The teachers work very hard with the students and they push Gracie to try harder, and to try new things.

Continue praying for our return to the States. That God has just the right Pediatric Opthalmologist ready to help us help her. Gracie is doing great in spite of her visual limitations but Oh how she will soar with her vision corrected properly!

Tonight we get to go to Old Quito and see the sites.
I hope to have pictures to post.

ANd speaking of posting, This isnt an easy job with 4 year old fingers thinking they need to "help". ;) I suppose she is trying to let you know how much fun she is having and that she cant wait to meet you!

(If you attend church at Woodbine, Let me give you a heads up that you will need to bring tissues to church the second Sunday in August after our return. She LOVES music and we had some praise music on yesterday AM. She was dancing and waving her hands in the air with true abandonment! Choked us up to say the least!)

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