Wednesday, June 2, 2010

busy busy busy

I woke up with a phone call and have a list. The ongoing list that I spoke of in my first post. Somehow I mark 1 thing off and add two! Ha ha. Husband keeps a running countdown of how many days until we pull out of the driveway. It doesnt help.

Today I:
1. Went to the bank. Twice in the same trip. I forgot E's banking and knew I just had to get everything done and checked off my list.
2. had pharmacy on list but went there once and they were having to get overrides from the pharmacy since we needed 2 mos worth. I just felt like One more day wont hurt. ;) wink wink
3. went to church and handled business there. Will have to go back to drop off E's SIFAT papers. Then he can participate when our church's missions team gets there the end of July.
4. went to daughters house to work on Handkerchiefs for the Tias. Half done with that project.(she fixed me a fab salad I might add!)
5. played telephone tag AGAIN with adoption agency Director.
6. think I have accomodations lined up. YAY!
7. pulled in driveway long enough to pick E up late to take him to church.
8. looked at list and dotted I's and crossed T's. Set a few things aside to put in suitcase. Talked to someone helping P get a standby ticket home after the first 3 weeks. Folded laundry. Got permanet press washing. Put away mural paints and misc. Went to pick E up at church. Stopped at LA HA to get our last supper there before our trip.

I will tell you almost EVERY stop along the way were hugs and congrats from those in the community that have been praying for us and thinking of us along the way.


Back to where I started my day....... I am thankful for friends. Friends walking the journey of faith that will say." I know you are busy. Our relationship is important. Will you make time for me/us?" What a beautiful way to start the day. Coffee, blueberry muffin..... most importantly friendship and prayer.

And for now.....

I am sitting......

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