Friday, June 4, 2010


Before I start rambling let me share what I am up to.... many of you have gotten e-mails and I have included pics. But not all of them. I wanted to start at the beginning and look back at how far weve come in the past two years. This first picture was sent to me from a family that was in Ecuador in the Fall. They adopted a little girl and actually live in Switzerland. "A" has adjusted well and I heard from the family last week that she still speaks often of her best friend.... my Little G. In this picture she had asked little G to hold hands with her. I shared pics that were on FB in the Fall from when another "A" went home to be with her family. (they live in Ga and we hope to see them soon!) Then her friend "E" went home in the Fall.( his family already had was it 10 bio children??? They live in Tenn)He is the one with G in the second picture- this was taken last spring. THe last picture was taken around the same time- G in her footie PJs..... a year ago. In Jan/Feb We recieved pics from "J's" family. I think those need to be shared later too.........
I guess I am wanting to say that all of these little friends in Harlow house. They have gone home to be with their new families and G has watched them have their going home parties..... its her turn. Little does she know how much we have prayed for her, The last party I mentioned. "Js party." Melinda, Orphanage Director, Said that was the day that they heard that Gs papers were FINALLY SIGNED while they were having the party! J's mother was actually holding Little G when they heard and announced the news and everyone in the room clapped. Little G knew something good was happening and started laughing and clapping with them. If she only knew what that meant...... I pray she does.......

Yesterday was overwhelming. Sweet sweet time with a few beautiful women. I am thankful that there are friends that can say, "just take some time to enjoy fellowship and prayer." What I thought was going to be a mother/ daughter lunch ended up being a surprise gathering. It wasnt big... but God knows me all too well. It was "just right".( I really dont enjoy big) There were little people and big people...... and you know how I love little people. My heart was full..... to overflowing...... that usually means tears. They were good tears.

Daughter and I were off and running and checked everything off my list. Yes, you read right.

List for today:
1. Target
2. shoes for E (P said, "but we just bought shoes for E?!" that was um.... Fall honey.They are not fit for public.Take my word for it)
3. Post office-to mail a special gift for a special brother in law. Paul's brother has been in seminary and pastoring for a LONG, 15 years +/-, time. (plus raising a family and two brain surgeries..... ) We are so broken hearted that we wont be at his Ordination ceremony. big sigh....... I hope the thoughts and prayers will make up for our absence and that when we return Tio Matteo will get lots of sweet Grace showered on him.......
4. clean house- enuff said.
5. random last min. laundry so I can......
6. PACK and load the suitcases in the car.

I dont know if it was sheer exhaustion or the Melatonin I tried last night but I finally slept. Sleep is good. Off and running!!!!

Under His wings,

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