Sunday, June 13, 2010

day six

Im living life and not having time to write about it. I promise to get on top of my blogging! ha ha! Just wanted to share pics of our travels.

Each day we have enjoyed getting up leisurely and playing in bed with Gracie for about an hour. then doing the morning ritual- she love being able to take a real bath. At the orphanage she was given a bath in a sink with a bucket of water standing by to use to rinse. She spashed and splashed yesterday and today. I was wet..... really wet.

She loves "doing it herself" and its fun watching her blossom each day a little more.

This evening after our travels she watched her signing time videos and then we went down to eat a sort of oatmeal drink. Its served warm. Whole milk and the oatmeal pureed with cinnamon. Gracie drank more than I did. Our host family really showed us the sights today.

Otavalo- big market, Cotapaxi- looking in stores at the leather goods, Ibarra for Helato (ice cream). Much eating was done.

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  1. Just soooo thrilled for you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is blossoming I am sure- now that mommy & daddy are there!!!!!!!!! BEAUTIFUL!


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