Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Day 2

(sorry only one picture. I have so many and for some reason having trouble getting them to load tonite.)
We are up at five and pass out at 11.
With the altitude, then emotional drain and trying to deal with the language barrier. So things were crazy and today we ended up not getting lunch until 4pm because nothing went as planned. All we had for breakfast was water and bread with cream cheese on it. Let me tell you. we were just exhausted and hungry and miserable.
And these people are loud.
You hear dogs barking all the time.
Many many strays.
So upsetting.
Then we heard loud music coming down the street and though " OH ! Ice cream truck..... nope can you believe it was a laundry service?! Ha ha ha! We can laugh at it now!

Keep up the prayers. Just lots of variables.

Let me tell you about Grace.
She is so so affectionate. Hundreds of hugs and kisses.
Today we got up earlyyyyyy.......
Got to orphanage before the start of the day.
Gave Grace her bath and got dressed.
She is pretty much potty trained. YAY!

Sorry for rambling.
She got to eat at the special table. With her parents. you could see all the other little ones looking over at the little person that gets to sit at the special table with mommy and daddy.
So so sweet.
Many were asking about Graces Mommy and Pappi.
I would bring them all home if I could.
Some esp. more than others.
Eeon a very small little boy felt of Pauls arm. Looked at him questioningly and then pulled at the hair. He was so astonished at all the hair. Was WAY funny!

We played all morning. Grace ate lunch. They eat soup with most meals. Potato and vedg soup today. Then they had rice. (rice with EVERY MEAL!) like a pickled cabbage, and chicken. She ate two breakfasts. some of ours and then an hour later what Tia Maria made. A juice "Banana Milk". She had 2 cups. Then the food was like hash browns and scrambled eggs.

So you know that we had dominoes pizza for lunch then today at 4 when we went back to the orphanage hungry. We were told to leave for siesta while Grace napped. We were to eat lunch but the owners of the home werent here so we didnt know where was safe to eat. what to do? ate a piece of bread, thank God mom sent us with peanut butter crackers for the airport so we shared those....... We had CHINESE take out for lunch.(with coke- we didnt have coffee so serious headache that two tylenol didnt touch! Come all the way to Ecuador for Pizza and Chinese..... of course it was stir fry with RICE!

Back on topic.
We saw Grace dance.
She has learned "more" and "all done" signs in two days.
This will be good.

Thankfully, Caryl was at the airport today picking up her interns and they FOUND OUR STROLLER! they dont have them here and the hills and being out of shape. altitude, is KILLING ME! They will only let Paul pick it up so we will do that tomorrow evening. YAY. I was beginning to seriously get concerned.

Tomorrow is the day out.
We will be at the orphanage very early again for the routine.
Then after lunch we will go off campus and will take her to the park.
They want us to bring her to the home we are staying at to play with the toys. (which we have none.) I looked at and I mustve misread. We were allowed one carry on and TWO check in at 50lbs each. Well we only had one each. SO I didnt bring things that werent necessary. I guess we will go shopping for toys. And a potty thingy for the toilet. (I have one at home but I was told she wasnt trained yet..... and she is very sensitive to change and things being "just so".

Let me end by telling you that its a whirlwind.
They said she could stay the night tomorrow if we felt she was ready.
Then her going away party on Friday.
I feel so inadequate but its because she is adjusting so well.

Eric gets to go on a sightseeing tour tomorrow with our roomate!

Well, off to get some sleep.

Under His wings,


  1. Amazing! I've been saying it all day, and here I come to your post and see God at work in the midst of craziness, melding hearts together and building communication bridges that will testify of His grace for all eternity! Praying for you Anna, love Connie

  2. Hello Anna,

    I've posted to you as pollylilla on ravelry before. Regarding toys in Ecuador, a lot of them are not up to US safety standards. There is a very good shop called BEBEMUNDO (Babyworld) in the Mall el Jardin (get a taxi). It may be a bit more expensive, but the quality is good and you can get a lot of makes you will know from the states. Regarding food, there is a good food court there as well (all hygienic and unlikely to give you traveller's tummy). You can also trust the Fruteria Monserrate, which provides simple dishes and really brilliant fruit salads. Best of luck and God bless you all

  3. Awww! Yea you made it there...and I knew G would be just fine with her new loving family!!! :) I miss you already! :) -Rebekah

  4. I am beyond tickled to hear a report and see another picture of Grace -- love, love, love it!! However, dear girlfriend, I am longing to see a picture of you with Grace -- I want to see that joy! Can you amuse me and do that, please?!

    I'm off to Jamaica in about three hours. In your spare time (ha ha ha!), can you pray for us? I'm sure you know I'm praying for you -- been holding you in my heart since you left Pace! Anna, God is just so amazing!!

  5. Continuing prayers for you all!!! Praying for God's strength and mercy. For BLESSINGS!!!!!! For Grace- she is sooo cute- I want to squeeze her :)


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