Monday, June 14, 2010

Going back to day two

Its been a week and what a whirlwind it has been. Paul and I commented that we cant believe that its been a week already.

Grace is "blossoming". We are finding this sweet sweet place that happens when there is love. You know what Kind I mean. That pure love that we can have when Christ is at work in our hearts. Not about me, what someone else can do for me. Just pure love. that is how we ended up here. :)

Can I remember what Happened on day two.... hmmm... Oh yes. Now its coming back to me. We had to be at the orphanage at 6am. that meant up early..... if you know me you know I just dont do five. But this day. This day I woke up before the alarm. In fact you can probably count the mins I slept on two hands. (maybe not really but it felt like it) Did you do that with a new addition to the family? Just lie in bed staring at that new blessing? Ahh.... I could hardly wait to get up and moving. This was the day we got out the door and to the orphanage and came back to the apt to rest while Grace napped. "siesta" When we got to our apt our houseparents were out and we were going to ask of a reputable place to eat. NO TRAVELERS TUMMY FOR ME! Id rather starve. And we felt like we were going to! We ended up taking the taxi back to the orphanage to let them know of our situation to see if they could help. Day one they ordered Dominoes for us. he hee! Travel all the way to Ecuador to eat Pizza, then we had Chinese take out for day 2. hey, it was excellent. But I am not used to eating lunch at 4 after having breakfast at 6am.... wow were we starved. We ended up feeding Grace take out. I am wondering if that was her first Chinese food? I know sometimes the orphanage has parties and the parents or whomever is there orders pizza. (which she loved)

Here are pics from day two.
And once again....
thank you for the many prayers. We have been so very blessed. I want you to know that in times that God seems far away or you feel like you cant hear his voice. he is there and will answer. Just continue to wait on him. I am thankful that we continued to run the race!

We remain,
Under His wings,
Anna Paul Eric and Grace

(if you see Nathen or Ashley and Jonathan give them an extra hug for us.Thanks!)

So I am once again having technical difficulties. I CANNOT get the pics to post. When I tried uploading to Flickr earlier it was giving me fits too.... I will try again and keep you posted. Hang in there with me!

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